Thursday, April 23, 2009

The SAG Awards

It's 11:30 pm and I just took the Chicken Pudding out of the oven. It looks gross and I think I may have overcooked it a tad since I was too engrossed in blog reading to check on it. This is not the first time I've mixed blogging and burning.

Anyway, not sure if my poor kid will be kicked out of Colonial Day when I show up with this crap. Also not sure if it will reheat well or be even worse tomorrow, but I wasn't about to wake up at the crack of dawn to COOK. That's not my M.O.

I need a good laugh right now, and perhaps you do too, so I'll pass along what my nephew said to my dear sister this morning:

"Mom, why, when you wake up, do your boobs hang down to your belly button, and then by the time you go to work, they are back up there?"

Why indeed? Hydraulics my dear, hydraulics.

If you haven't entered my Starbucks gift card giveaway, make sure you do by 3 pm Friday.


Shawn said...

Oh, isn't that the truth, little boy?

Boobs are magic! Thats what I would say----when you feed them in the morning, they go back where they should.

Christy said...

Oh that is too funny! I can't wait to hear how the teacher responds to your pudding.

Rebecca said...

OH no, that's terrible...I have two boys so it's a matter of time.

Brooke said...

Sometimes I'm not sure whether to be horrified or impressed at the observations made by my small children. I often underestimate those little brains. I will resign myself to being intrigued...unless their inappropriate observations are made public, then I will resort back to horror.

Shana said...


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Sounds like something my neighbor Jonas would ask. He's all about the honesty (he's the one who - after I stopped keeping the diaper pail on the first floor - came over and said, 'hey Kate - your house doesn't stink anymore!'"

Madge said...

there is nothing scarier than me without a bra. or sadder.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, we need to talk, because whatever bra you're wearing - I NEED ONE JUST LIKE IT.

(So *that's* what the SAG awards are! Another nagging question answered. Thank you.)

:^) Anna

Anonymous said...

Just spent my precious one day off going back and reading through your entire blog.

Laughed 'til I cried. I'll be checking in daily now.

It's a delight to read a truly literate essay, especially when the spelling is correct. It scares me that so many are putting their words out there for all the world to see and don't bother with spellcheck.

You do great work, thanks.