Monday, April 13, 2009

Keeping Psycho Anna at Bay

Well, my dear sweet in-laws left a few minutes ago after a nice Easter weekend. The weather was good, the kids had a wonderful time with their grandparents, we ate great meals, and my in-laws were their kind and helpful selves. My FIL even made a serious dent in the To-Do list on the fridge, and my mother in law sewed on buttons for me!

I am pleased to tell you that Psycho Daughter-in-law Anna stayed away for the most part.

There were several examples of this such as my blood not starting to boil and my not wanting to poke out my frontal lobe with an ice pick during any number of conversations about coffee, wine, health food, golf, tennis, and how to pronounce the word "Pulaski."

This morning presented the most striking evidence that Psycho Daughter-in-law Anna was not in the building.


In-laws Said: "Well, Good-morning, Anna!"

Anna Heard: "Thanks for finally dragging your lazy butt out of bed and gracing us with your presence, Princess! Do you really think it's fair to sleep all day while our beloved son cooks, cleans, tends to the children AND earns a living supporting you and all of your profligate habits? All of our lives we hoped our baby would find someone with our New England Work Ethic and he has to go and find a southerner, and a protestant, who doesn't exercise, can't tell the difference between a flavanoid and a free radical and has about as much gumption and self-control as that disgusting Bill Clinton!"


In-laws Said: "Well, Good-morning, Anna!"

Anna Heard: "Well, Good-morning, Anna!"

Whew. Now can I please take my lazy butt and go back to bed?


Unknown said...

Good Girl!!

Rebecca said...

You are hilarious! That made me laugh, which I really needed this morning.

And that picture...SO cute!

Christy said...

You made me laugh too. I totally relate because I get pyscho like that too. Argh!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Anna - you are so funny! Good for you.

Slacmc said...

My in laws just left and I have to say that I totally do this too! Except that I am the New Englander who married into the Southern family :)

Shawn said...

Love the pic! What a great looking family---and you are a genuine stunner! (now, where did that word come from?)

Nice you got through the weekend with your new attitude---you go....

Keetha said...

Those in-the-head conversations and perceptions can really get to you. Glad this year's visit went so smoothly.

Cynthia said...

I, too, laughed and clapped!! OUT LOUD!! :)
I love you!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

First--you all are one beautiful family.

Anyone that tackles my to-do list would be more than welcome to spend the weekend--sadly, I have yet to meet that person.

Dreamybee said...

LOL-I have the same reaction to the, "Well, good morning!" comments. I, too, am a late sleeper, and it has become the one thing that the in-laws know for sure about me and can be counted to comment on WHENEVER THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF because, apparently, it defines, completely, who I am. Or maybe they're all just saying, Good morning!"

Jules said...

lol ! Thank you for this post ! I think we can all relate. Great blog !