Monday, December 23, 2019

Happy Holidays!

We celebrated early this year because we will be traveling for the next week (follow me on Instagram @annawhistondonaldson for trip pics!)

It is fun to put out cookies for Santa again and see it all through the eyes of a child, although I must admit it has been a while since I've had a kid who thinks Santa does EVERYTHING. I'm like, "Hello, where's the Mom-credit? That toy is from Santa, but that game, hat and book are from moi!" Nope, according to Andrew, it's all Santa.

My favorite part was having an indoor snowball fight with all of us, including my grown nephew who was visiting, and spending the majority of the day in pj's. My days are all mixed up now, because "Fake Christmas on the 22nd" really felt like Christmas! An unexpected benefit of Fake Christmas was being able to find a Mexican restaurant that was open when we got a hankering for queso.

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Sending you love and light this week, whether your holidays are full of joy, sadness, or a mixture of both.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Love Never Dies

Last night when many of my dear friends were lighting candles on Worldwide Candlelighting Day in honor of their precious children who ran ahead to heaven, I was sitting in the Michaels parking lot bracing myself for the crowds inside. Andrew loved the red, gold and silver jumbo ornaments I bought last week to hang in our Dogwood tree, but he was hoping for some green ones, so back to the store I went. When I realized I had missed lighting a candle, I shrugged my shoulders and smiled, because I know that we cannot disappoint our loved ones in Heaven. Their response to us is Love, pure LOVE. 

My candle is lit now, as I type and look at the winter rain outside my window. 

Lighting a candle is a beautiful way to slow down and honor them and to say, "You are loved, you are missed, you are never forgotten." Braving the crowds at Michaels is a way of saying, "I'm still standing, I'm still trying, your little brother really loves Christmas." Both are valid, and both are beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to know our loved ones are cheering us on in the quiet, reflective moments and the hectic ones too?

Love never dies.

Fabletics Offer! 2 Pairs of Leggings for $24

Last-minute shopping hint:

Here's the offer for 2 pairs of leggings for $24 that I just talked about on Facebook!

If you are looking for gorgeous, high-quality leggings and athletic wear that does not break the bank like certain brands, I highly recommend Fabletics. My daughter Margaret signed up as a VIP member and got 5 pairs of great leggings for less than one pair of the pricey ones she used to wear.

She is SO PICKY, but she is THRILLED with these leggings.

This is a limited time offer for new VIP customers only: 2 Pairs of Leggings for just $24! You can cancel your VIP membership right away after you get your first order (easy 24 hour phone number to cancel anytime), or you can choose to have them send you more leggings. If you don't want leggings a certain month, you just tell them to skip it.

Margaret ordered hers in September and has skipped each month since. She won't order again until sometime in the spring, but she will still be able to get the great VIP member prices.

If you decide to order, please use my link so that I will receive referral credit to help fund Margaret's clothing habit this website's hosting fees.