Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hold Me

Some bloggy friends have written about their love of all things infomercial. I, too, have the urge to buy things I see on tv particularly when it’s after midnight and I’ve had a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I find myself wanting to do Yoga Booty Ballet and use “The Bean” for sit-ups.

Since my virgin infomercial purchase of “The Gut Buster” in 1986, I have steered clear of exercise products since I know they don’t operate themselves, but I have purchased the following: The Magic Bullet (B+), Mighty Putty (A), Painting Mouse(B-), and Aqua Globes (C+).

Today I want to tell you about my current favorite product of infomercial fame. I‘ve never seen the actual infomercial, but I’ve heard that the lady who invented them is now a gazillionaire. She’s probably super-annoying, too, but I must say I LOVE the product.

Huggable Hangars! (A+)

About 2 years ago I bought tons of fancy wooden hangers for Tom and me. Our closets looked orderly, but the bloom was soon off the rose because I needed more room.

This may not matter to those of you who live in houses built in the past few decades, but my house is from 1969, and while it’s a step up from the Early American days of a peg on the wall for your bonnet, the closets are still tight.

So, I bought some Huggable Hangars from Target (5 pack for $4.99). The packaging claims that they can help you gain serious space in your closet.

You may be saying, “But don’t the CLOTHES determine how much space is taken up, not the hangars?” Yeah, I know. Well, apparently not, because my closet instantaneously grew.

If you look at the pic of Tom’s closet (wooden hangars) you’ll see 50-60 garments. Look at mine-- also 50-something articles of clothing. Sorry I didn't tidy up the rest of my closet for you. Keeping it real. Keeping it real.

See all that extra space? That’s new.

Also, nothing, absolutely nothing, falls off these things. From a heavy winter coat to a strappy tank, all clothes stay put. Okay, now that I've written “strappy tank” I sound like a commercial myself.

Just wanted you to know of my latest love—Huggable Hangars. I'll probably never order them off the infomercial (shipping costs!), but I like to throw a pack in my cart when I go to Target.

Now I have the urge to go shopping and fill up some of that new found closet space. Too bad they don’t work for shoes.

What infomercial product do YOU have a hankering for?


jen said...

hi my name is jen and i live in a small old house.
seriously ... you gained THAT much closet space? i'm floored. and going to target later apparently.

EatPlayLove said...

wow, I have those bulky wood hangers. I might just have to try those Huggable hangars (my house built in 1959)! I'm not much for infomercials, but those rotisseries if they weren't gigantic would be my choice.

Mags said...

I love those hangers too. I'm constantly amazed with all the extra space we have in our closets. I've never seen the infomercial, but my mom did...She then bought the hangers for herself and me. :)

Shawn said...

I'm with you on the hangers. I started using them about 6 months ago when I couldn't get all my outfits for my band into the carrier/suitcase that I use----so I used these----and Voila---they are amazing!

I am trying to save up to replace all of my plastic hangers with them!!
But thanks for reminding me! :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

First of all - I LOVE your new design! It's new right? I'm pretty sure that when I commented on your last post you had the old look...

I put your button on my sidebar.

I may need to invest in these hangars. Chris' can't keep a neat closet to save his life - but this might help...

I've already admitted my most embarrassing infomercial purchase. Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty skincare products. And I've been using them for a year! I think they're working...but that may just be the brainwashing talking...

Madge said...

I love your new look.

I want the pancake puff thing. I really really do....

Christy said...

I want a ShamWow!

I haven't even seen the infomercial you're talking about it, but you sold me anyway.

WOW - I LOVE your blog makeover! It's Fabulous with a capital F! I just added your button my blog!

2 Brits, 2 Yanks, 2 Dogs said...

I want to buy the pedipaws (seriously) for my dogs as I hate clipping their nails and so do they. I just can't bring myself to do it. Anyway at some point I am sure it will end up in Bed, Bath and Beyond. I do like the hangars though we have some old, old hangers that are pathetic - I think I am going to take you up on your advice for this one.

Heidi said...

We just moved into a house that was built in the 70's and the closet space is seriously lacking. Having the previous owner call them 'vintage' closets didn't make them bigger or more charming.


To see these hangers might be an answer to my storage challenged closets. I'm with you though on the shoes. My shoes are everywhere and I have no space for them. If ever you see an infomercial on that let me know.

Shana said...

My life will not be complete until I have a Malibu Pilates Chair. Seriously? Have you seen Susan Lucci's abs? And she's, like 90 years old.

purejoy said...

hangars seem like a godsend. really.
and as for an informercial product? i seriously want to try the bump it. the secret to 1960s hair gone bad. not because i want the hair, i just want a good laugh.
and pedipaws?? buy it in person somewhere. i heard they sell your name to other companies like nobody's business.