Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things That Don't Do It For Me

Some bloggers share a list of 100 things about themselves. A list that long about me would bore you to tears. Since I'm feeling lazy today, however, I thought I'd share a few things that I don't really like. Sorry to start w/ the negative. I'll put together a "stuff I like" blog soon.


Front doors with Oval glass windows in them.

Vinyl siding --I didn’t say I don’t have it, just that I don’t like it .

Precious Moments figurines

The word “Ginormous” --I’ve tried to say it a couple of times, but it just isn’t a good fit for me. Kind of like the tube top I tried to wear last summer

Skulls for Halloween decorations --This stems from a trip to London about 18 years ago. Some loser was selling REAL skulls on the street. How disrespectful. I’ve been scarred ever since.

Underwear that doesn’t fit right


Snacks before, during and after kids’ sporting events—and practices. Hello! What happened to water and orange slices during half-time?


When people say, “___ years of age” instead of “____ years old.”

When people say, “Give it to Donna and I” instead of “Donna and me.” Does sounding fancy make it right? I think not. Or, when they are a little gun-shy and they say, "Give it to Donna or myself."

When people say, “At this point in time” instead of “Now.”

The phrases “Bring it!” and “Bring it on!” It just sounds so aggressive. It stresses me out.

Suburban teenage girls who talk tough (see "Bring it on" above)

When I act like a jerk

Alcohol in my sweets-- rum cake, alcohol in wedding cakes, etc.

Designer originals and prices


Moms judging other moms

Superhero movies

My nose

All right, "a few" turned into quite a list. I feel like such a grouch for having written all of this. What things just don't do it for YOU?


Gretchen said...

I really really hate coconut. It reminds me of hair. Like eating a piece of cake with hair all over it. Ew.

Also, I hate when women, girls, anyone who is a bit overweight tries to squeeze into leggings when they clearly are not fitting. No one needs to see that.

Tess said...

Super heros??!! But Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is the very essence of hotness.

Things I don't like: regular coke (diet all the way), brussel sprouts in any form, trophies for everyone-whether they win or lose. What happened to the winning team gets a trophy at the end of the season and everyone else claps for them? My kids get a trophy every time they sneeze at a sporting event.

L said...

TVs left on when no one is watching

Cell phone static

Pens that don't write, but keep turning up everywhere when I need a pen

Kate Coveny Hood said...

McMansions. I live in NoVA. I see a lot of McMansions...

Shorts and sweatpants that say things across the butt (although I once saw a dead ringer for J-Lo wearing tight sweatpants that said "Bling Bling" across the butt. I kind of LOVED that.)

The word "hubby." EVERYONE says it on their blogs - so I realize that I'm the weird one here... But I just hate "hubby." Ditto for "Hubs" and "The Hubster."

Rebecca said...

Hmmmm...the list of things that just don't do it for me is LONG but here are a few:

1. mean girls (and moms)
2. nosy neighbors
3. closed minded people
4. know-it-alls
5. scary movies
6. homes that smell like pets
7. man boobs
8. leaving the lights on when no one's in the room
9. wasted food

and finally...

10. guilt!

Cynthia said...

People chewing ice. It gives me the chills.

Fights with my hubby (I threw "hubby" in there for you, Kate)

dirty fingernails (esp when they're long)

bad breath

washing my tub

the word "persnickety"

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Cynthia, I am so glad you have been able to stay friends with me for so long despite the fact that I am all over your list! :)