Sunday, July 8, 2012

Universal Language

Lots to write about, but can't seem to get computers to cooperate these past few days. It's not like I'm asking for much, just to send a few emails and blog a bit. My frustration level is about where it was in the late 80's in the college computer lab, cursing my floppy disks.

So in the interest of keeping it short and sweet, this is from Margaret in the backseat of the car:

"Everybody always says music is the 'universal language'(scornful voice and air quotes) but that's not true. We all know Potty Talk is."



Claire Plante said...

Margaret is so wise! :-)

I used to curse those floppy discs too, and the printers! I think there were two in our computer lab, for something like 30 computers. I was always writing papers at the last minute, and when I would finally hit "print" two minutes before class, there would inevitably be many others in the queue ahead of me. . . . Those were the days!


LauraBeth said...

That Margaret! Wise beyond her years!

Hugs and prayers to you, Tim, and Miss Margaret, with love from the other side of town

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Deep thoughts.

Cassie Bustamante said...

ha ha! i like the way margaret thinks. :) and congrat on being a voice of the year- that is amazing!!! YOU are amazing.

Unknown said...

Too true Margaret - too true!

kimber said...

Yeah, sad but true!
Computer issues never come at a good time. Hope things resolve themselves soon. It's always good to get a word from Anna.

L said...

Wise beyond her years.

Mrs. E said...

I want Margaret in my classroom! She speaks my language--though she might be smarter than I am!

RachelSD said...

I like how sassy your Margaret is-- it must serve her well in life. :) Been thinking about Jack this week, and how you guys were doing during the holiday.

Anonymous said...

Speakin of univeral languages, I am following your family's strange and painful time from Australia and I thought you might find comfort in these words from an Australian writer, Colin Theiele.

Bird in the Classroom

The students drowsed and drowned
in the Teacher's ponderous monotone -
limp bodies loping in the wordy heat,
melted and run together, desk and flesh as one.
swooning and swimming in a sea of drone.

Each one asleep, swayed and vaguely drifted
with lidded eyes and lolling weighted heads,
were caught on heavy waves and dimly lifted,
sunk slowly, ears ringing in the syrup of his sound,

or borne from the room on a heaving wilderness of beds.
And then on a sudden, a bird's cool voice
punched out song. Crisp and spare
on the startled air,

or idly tossed,
each note gleamed
like a bead of frost.

A bird's cool voice from a neighbour's tree
with five clear calls - mere grains of sound
rare and neat
repeated twice
but they sprang from the heat
like drops of ice.

Ears cocked, before the comment ran
fading and chuckling where a wattle stirred,
the students wondered how they could have heard
such dreary monotone from a man, and
such wisdom from a bird.

Lisa said...

Love that girl

Lisa said...

She's a character! Love it.

Reenie said...

Oh that Margaret....she's a funny one!! HA!! :)

Princess Kate said...

Too cute. Margaret is way beyond her years. Thanks for sharing. Always thinking of you and your famiy.nanceU 5

Julia said...

She will be your saving grace. I love that kid.

xoxo, Julia

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you. Looking forward to more later.


Anonymous said...

Of course it is! But especially when it's set to a tune.


Anonymous said...

LOVE her

Kate Coveny Hood said...

My children...and husband would concur.

Carrie Stuart said...

This is SO apropos after the past two evenings of company we've had. I've just been shaking my head how the most benign conversations can turn to potty humor. Especially when there are teens involved. I didn't think of it from the universal language perspective. Of course. ;^)

SouthLakesMom said...
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DawnGes said...

Margaret is a fabulous, fun, and frank girl--LOVE her honesty!

Glad your computer made it through this quick post at least, but I do hope your computer problems get resolved and you're back to longer posts and less stress.

Meredith Self said...

That's pretty funny. Margaret.

Unknown said...

Argh - hope the internet resolves itself quickly!

(Wise, funny Margaret)

K A B L O O E Y said...

Margaret, so sadly on the nose. (Insert fart sound here.) When I get overwhelmed, small appliances have no hope around me. Full moons too seem to send things kerflooey. But computer issues make me feel inadequate and old in a way I can't express except by banking on my keyboard and cursing. I hate that I don't speak their language.

Nomads By Nature said...

Crackin' Me Up!! (pun intended!) -- Margret is a riot!!

And yes, I remember the days of the college computer lab and floppies, and lots of potty language walking back to the dorm late at night having had to wait forEVER for the printed version with the feed holes still to be removed from the sides. Ah, how would our kids have survived?!!

SanH said...

That is so true, she is so funny!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Definitely true and she is so wise.
Children definitely amaze me.

Tamatha Banks said...

That made me laugh out loud - such a clever girl she is!!!

mom-of-four said...

She is right, as any parent knows, the best communication is always potty based....
Margaret made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.