Monday, December 21, 2009

This Thing Runs on a 60 Watt Bulb

Christmas shopping around here is…interesting. Jake is easy. He just chooses one expensive Lego set and we are done. Well, “done” if you don’t count the endless discussions of the Lego set’s merits, the intricacies of the design, etc. This goes on for weeks during which time you just may want to poke your own eardrums out with a sharp object. I am appalled that the cumulative price of all his Legos could bring relief to several small countries, but it certainly is simple to push the “Order” button at

Molly, who is more likely to play with an old Bandaid than her American Girl dolls, is not so easy. She is a creative spirit; she is unique. In the above picture she is playing with a gourd.

Remember last year when she asked for:

A mouse
Tickets to a Jonas Brothers’ Concert
Never to go to Home Depot Again?

She did not get her first two choices, but we did give her a fancy schmancy certificate freeing her from any/all future Home Depot trips. She was pleased. This year we realized we failed to put an expiration date on the Home Depot decree, so now we have to figure out a new gift.

“Well, I don’t know what to ask for because the one thing I really want I know you won’t get me.” Big sad eyes. “What is it?” I ask. “A King Charles Spaniel puppy.”

How right she is.

My problem is compounded by the fact that my sister just adopted a teeny tiny dog, whom we will meet at Christmas. She has a chocolate lab, too, and she is blowing my excuse that you can’t have a large dog and a small dog together. Thanks, L.

As I said, Molly is not easy to shop for. When she was 4 we got her the My Pretty Pony that talked and said things like, “Feed me, Mommy,” “I need my Pacifier,” and “I love you.” Ten minutes into it on Christmas morning, Molly declared, “This pony is too much work.” Back into the box it went. The nice thing is she doesn’t ask for video games, laptops, cell phones, or gadgets. The hard thing is that she pretty much asks for nothing.

I am at a loss. So I bought her this.

To me this is basically an Easy Bake Oven. You know, like the one I never got as a kid, but that I see lined up in multiples on the thrift store shelves every time I go shopping. I can imagine a mom’s delight when she tosses this honking piece of plastic into the donation bin, reclaiming prime real estate inside her home.

Yeah, this crayon maker has the potential to be used about 3 times if I’m lucky. Lots of plastic packaging, lots of plastic parts. Mucho environmental damage, and of that I am not proud.

But please do not judge. It’s December 21, and at least it’s not a puppy.


Deidra said...

That crayon maker seems to be a hit this year! And not so much work as that talking pony!

Shana said...

I picked up the crayon maker and read the box in the store. Step one was "get crayons." Huh?

Masala Chica said...


LOL. I bet you that you will have uncovered a new passion with that crayon maker. And the good thing is, you won't have to house train it.

I say AT LEAST 4 uses.

Kristina P. said...

I totally want an Easy Bake oven. And I might buy myself one!

Anonymous said...

I love her list from last year, and am with her on the Home Depot thing.

Merry merry to all!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I saw that at Costco and though, "who would buy this?" Ha!

Mel said...

Your daughter reminds me alot of what my daughter was like at her age.

I bought her some inexpensive canvases, dollar store acrylic paints and brushes and let her paint anything she liked. I featured each of her materpieces (grin) on the wall in the dining room until recently.

Christy said...

That is funny! I love her list from last year too!

Lynn Kellan said...

I spy with my little eye...Molly's tonsils!

Maybe Molly can draw puppies with her beautiful new crayons produced by her beautiful new crayon maker.

Merry Christmas!!

Heidi said...

This is hilarious! Ben is easy too. Lego is also his choice. Annie had the longest list I've ever seen this Christmas. We bought a couple of things. The grandparents have bought a few things as well...we're making some serious headway on that list...we can't get everything, but we're feeling good until she sees Santa and I hear her tell him the only thing she wants is a Rudolph stuffy. Ummm....what??

I love that you guys gave her a Home Depot exempt gift. That's perfect.

Blue Creek Home said...

I think it's hilarious that your child wanted no more trips to Home Depot!!!! That is funny! Cute kiddos.
Merry Christmas,

Oona Johnson said...

Oh. My. God. That has got to be one of the coolest things ever!!! I always wanted one of those creepy crawlie edible candy maker things... never got one...

for a different kind of girl said...

There is a Crayola crayon maker wrapped and under our Christmas tree that totally reaches out and fist bumps your Crayola crayon maker. You do what you gotta do. Especially if it doesn't involve picking up after another animal doing it's business in the backyard.

dearheart said...

Your daughter's list from last year is hilarious! Love the Home Depot request/gift, and the mouse. As if she were thinking of the lovable "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" variety.

Glennon said...

Anna, I absolutely LOVE that Molly decided the pony was too much work. I like a girl who knows her limits. Molly is cool.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I just loved that post :) The gourd pic, the home depot thing... the puppy is a problem

But the crayon maker can go either way. Hope it goes well!

Thanks for the giggles

L said...

First of all, you are quite welcome. Secondly, I read today that dogs are actually harmful to the environment. Seriously, google it. Love you!

I can't find my blog said...

Does costco still have the crayon makers? Where else would you find them? Our Michaels is out of them and I have no clue where to look!!??

Gretchen said...

We had the crayon maker for a few years. My kids loved it. The only hard part was waiting for the crayons to cool so they could use them. But they really turned out cool and it was a fun toy. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

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