Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Fever

This gorgeous weather means it is time to put away the St. Patrick's Day decorations and forge ahead to Easter.
It's funny how when the kids were little, I went for a more formal look (lots of white, glass and matchy-matchiness), but now I'm so very sentimental about the preschool
crafts that couldn't match anything if they tried.

And oh how I love the paper mache tombs the kids made in elementary school.
 Naturally, we need colored eggs EVERYWHERE

So today, new pansies are planted, the piles and piles of winter dog poop are gone, and somehow Easter eggs sprouted up on our bushes.
There's nothing like a little sunshine and warmth and a few unnecessary plastic items after a LONG winter to make even a Monday seem better.
What do you like best about spring?


ashley said...

Yay for spring! And...I loved the Nanci Griffith reference at the end. ;)

~Ashley in Austin

Mama Mel said...

When I'm standing on tired, aching feet washing the dishes yet again... I can look out the kitchen window and gaze upon my neighbor's beautiful budding trees. It's the best part of spring!! The bright, almost neon green color of those early spring amazing!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Everything but the mud!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the eggs on the bushes!
Enjoy Spring....

One crazed mommy said...

We have a family of cardinals that comes to our backyard every spring -it is so fun to watch the family looking for food (especially the little hopping babies) and mama and daddy keeping a watchful eye on the littles - they have been showing up every spring since we moved to our house 11 years ago - and when they show up I know it's spring!

Anonymous said...

We live in California, so harsh winters are nothing I can complain about. But watching our hills go green again after not enough rain, and trees bloom with leaves, makes me love spring.