Sunday, March 1, 2015


Today is a day of rest for us, bridging the two halves of our trip.

Maybe you need rest, too, from the week you’ve had, from the day you are having, maybe even from hearing about the sad things I’ve shared on my trip to Armenia so far.
The first few days were dedicated to seeing DIRE NEED, and the next few will show us the HOPE. We just met a young professional woman who introduced herself saying, “I’m a success story!” She is a product of World Vision’s well-established program in the Gyumri region which I’ll begin to share about tomorrow.

I’m glad our trip is structured this way: first showing us the needs that will hopefully be met as WV’s new project grows (with all of our help) in Nikol’s and Aida’s region (Amasia), then showing us what years of specific, sustainable support and development have accomplished (in and around Gyumri).
It’s going to be inspiring, so hang in there!

A blog reader commented on my post about Aida, “AMother-Woman,” that, “What Aida really needs is access to birth control.” It’s true that in many cases here women do not have access to family planning education. It would not be surprising if by next year, there is another mouth to feed. So many needs.
I love that World Vision looks at specific issues a community faces, and gives support to the entire community, not just the children. Parental education and support is a big part of this! That makes me hopeful and expectant for Aida, her husband, her children, and the world!

More tomorrow…


As of today, 5 of Aida’s 7 kids are still awaiting sponsors, so if you are interested in sponsoring any one of them, just let me know ( and I can help make that connection for you.


Chris Carter said...

God bless you for being a voice in this beautiful mission to bring about change for those who so desperately need it. I LOVE that you are having this incredible experience, Anna!!

Serenemeg said...

Can I sponsor Aida, to help her with birth control.?

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

@Serenemeg-- If you sponsor any of Aida's children, the whole family will be served, including parental education regarding health/hygiene/nutrition/and economic development. If you choose to do this, that would be AWESOME! Just send me an email at and I'll be sure you get one of her children. There are about 2,000 kids in the database looking for sponsors in that area, so I can make sure you are matched with this family. :)

Janet said...

Why do we insist on seeing Aida's children as a burden, something to be prevented? Didn't you write that when asked what she found joyful or beautiful about her life, the answer was her children? I think if you asked whether she would have liked to have fewer, or prevent any more, the answer just might be no. If she has expressed a desire for it, offering to pay for birth control is generous. But deciding for her that she needs it is a bit presumptuous.