Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking Care of Bid-Ness

I need to tell you something.

I had some work done.

Unfortunately, it was not THAT kind of work.

It was more of the DENTAL variety. I don't have much experience with dental work, and I called my sister afterward saying, "They gave me a SHOT. In my GUMS!" She was unimpressed. This dental work was entirely my fault.

Over a year ago the dentist told me I needed a custom mouth guard because I've been clenching my teeth at night. Our insurance didn't cover it, and we didn't have an extra $700 around, so I tried to get by without one. This plan worked so well that I gave myself a cracked tooth. And dental work. AND a custom mouth guard for $700. Yay.

This got me thinking about other times I try to cut corners or neglect what I need to do, only to have a bigger problem on my hands later. Examples include dental work, not exercising all fall and winter as if spring would dare not come again, not flossing (oh yeah, that's dental work) and not getting enough sleep because I'm cruising Facebook.

My pastor and friend calls taking care of oneself "The Practice of Self Care" and considers it an important part of our lives. The term "Self Care" reminds me a little too much of the creepy squeeze bottle and tub of hemorrhoid pads the nurses sent home with me after the birth of my two kids.

But I do think women too often neglect Self Care. Self Care to you could be taking a walk by yourself, praying, going to the gym, having a glass of wine while reading "US Weekly," or even going without a glass of wine because you realize it has become far too important to you.

It could be making a phone call you've been avoiding in order to take care of issues when they come up, before they fester, blow up, and cause drama and stress. Choosing to set boundaries when dealing with toxic people in your life could also be considered self care.

What kind of self care is important to you? I'd love to hear about it, unless it's of the "sitz bath" variety.

P.S. Mammogram scheduled for Thursday!


Gretchen said...

I totally need self-care and just don't do it.

My biggest self-care is a regular haircut. And that's a big leap because before about 3 months ago, I would get a haircut once a year and just trim it myself the rest of the time. Eep.

and, friend me on FB! I want to see you in my news stream!!

Momastery said...

i will write tomorrow. it's 8:47 and i'm going to go floss (which i've done one other time this year) read my book, and go to sleep.

self care. yes.

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

I am so w/ you on slacking in the fall and winter on exercising! Just so easy to let life get in the way when we shouldn't. Great post!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Um, why aren't we friends on facebook?

I used to ignore everything, then I got married and my husband reminds me.

I finally got a colonoscopy (eight years after I was supposed to get one), and it wasn't that bad. My dad dies of colon cancer, so I really was dumb to do that.

As for exercising, well, I'm off to do that now. Sure I am...

Ellen Stewart--friend me!

K A B L O O E Y said...

Reading! That's my best one. I read at the gym, before bed, at stop lights. And I have been exercising regularly for 5 years, but then, I've been eating too much for all 5. I also got myself into a high-risk breast cancer screening group after my mom's second bout, so that's a biggie too. Although a sitz bath (hell, ANY kind of bath) sounds pretty heavenly right now.

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Speaking as a fellow mouth guard wearer, I'm totally feeling your pain. As soon as the dentist told me I might get a cracked tooth, I started wearing that guard. My husband thinks it's so sexy (not).

I wish self-care appointments were a lot more fun, but I do them...

Christy said...

Working out, and getting to spend time alone in my house. I only just recently realized how much I LOVE it when Matt takes both kids out for even just an hour. I can shower in peace. Read in peace. Clean up in peace. It's simply the best. So now we make it a point for me to get a little bit of home-me-time each weekend and it rocks!

I feel your dental pain, as you know. Hope it's better soon. It's the pits. THE PITS!

Chrisy said...

Oh, Anna. I needed to read your words today. I haven't been cruising blogs much because my life's off center [long story], and I believe if I pause once [or TEN] times a day for a little Self Care, things would return to center. With your very funny, yet precise, story, you've given me focus for today that might just be the catalyst to move my world back to it's axis. THANK YOU! xo

Anonymous said...

Self-care is hard, but important. I make my kiddos go thrifting with me on the weekends instead of taking them to kid-friendly places. Not every time. But many times. I need to do it, and they sort of enjoy it too.

Also, I flossed this morning. You know, because I have a dentist appointment coming up.


Nichole@40daysof said...

I am an all around procrastinator, so I can definitely relate. The flossing is the worst. I always vow to do it, and I only do it rarely.

mosey (kim) said...

Nurturing ourselves is key to happiness (and sanity!). I haven't done it nearly often enough, and was surprised recently when a haircut and some highlights turned my mood 180. (I get my hair cut about every six months!)

If we don't take care of ourselves, who will?

Michelle DeRusha said...

I'm kind of bad with self-care. My eyebrows are bordering on uni, my teeth are regularly unflossed, I've completely given up on coloring my hair, and I neglected exercise all winter, so much that my spring pants DO NOT FIT...and I've given up shopping for the year, which poses quite the problem. Oh, and I've had the mammo form from the dr. sitting on my kitchen counter for 9 months and have yet to make the appt at th clinic. No lie.

Point well taken. Thank you!