Monday, April 4, 2011

Sheet Music Balls

Creative title, huh? Did it wow you? Me either.

Instead of crafting and decorating and pontificating on the meaning of life today, I've been playing hooky from work (kids had the day off) and taking a little nap on the screened porch before the big-time pollen kicks in.

I thought I'd share a quick and easy craft that I did a few weeks ago: sheet music balls.

I have seen similar projects on other blogs. Some of my favorites included using patterned paper napkins and strips of cloth to make decorative balls. One even used wiffle balls from the dollar store since styrofoam balls can be expensive.

I used sheet music, which I soaked in tea to get a slightly aged look.

After it dried, I cut the paper into strips about 1 inch thick.

Then, I used Mod Podge and a foam brush to coat styrofoam balls about the size of baseballs, wrapping individual strips on the balls and adding more Mod Podge as I went.

Sticky, sticky, sticky but fun!

The only problem I ran into was that when I let them dry, the delicate paper ripped off of the very bottom of the balls where they got stuck to the tin foil they were resting on. I just re-covered that spot with a one inch piece of sheet music and more Mod Podge.

I LOVED how this project had a very low skill level-- the less uniform and perfect the better-- and how the balls look great on my new foyer table.

Now if I could just get Jake to stop juggling with them.


Anonymous said...

Very clever. Add a hook and a loop and you've got yourself some Xmas ornaments.


purejoy said...

wow! i love it! i saw a really cool chandelier thing at anthropologie that was modpodged with sheet music. but i love this idea even more! brilliant!

I can't find my blog said...


Can you please, please come to California and help me with my house? I'll even supply the wine!

emily said...

What a great idea! Love the way those turned out.

Heidi said...

Smarty Pants! Love these.

Momastery said...

oh Lord. now i have more to do.
i think ill use poetry!

Kate said...

Low skill - that's my kind of craft project. I think I could do this! Thanks for the pics along the way...