Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mid-Week House Fix

The kids and I visited my sister's family over Easter. I thought I'd share pictures of the lovely house they bought a few years ago.

Isn't it charming? Just pulling into the driveway makes me feel like I'm far, far away from stress and the "big city."

She bought this house without ever having visited it. She wasn't sure what the floor plan was like, and when I grilled her about the closet space, she said, "I didn't ask. Closets aren't that important to me."


Let's just say she and I are a wee bit different in that respect. When I told her I was taking pics for my blog, she told me to stick to the outside so she wouldn't end up "...being one of your 'before' pictures, Anna."

One of her biggest concerns before she saw the house was that it would have a bad location, and that her husband, who had seen it, would have forgotten to mention a trash dump, sewage plant, or trailer park next door.


I can't imagine waking up to this each day, and seeing the sun set over these fields each night! I'd easily trade my view of my neighbor's driveway and suburban life for this kind of view. Divine!

And wouldn't this "barn" in the backyard be perfect for storing furniture that is awaiting a makeover?

Even the robins find the backyard to be peaceful, and they built this nest inside the gas grill.

The backyard is also a great place for an egg toss:

And spending quality time with these two!

The kids and I had a blast with my sister and her family, and with each other!

Happy spring!


aliciamarie911 said...

Wow. That is a beautiful house and the land that surrounds it is breath taking. I miss living in the country where you could walk outside and see the STARS instead of the city light...

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Who needs closets when you have a barn?

Love the front porch!

Heidi said...

This is beautiful! Tell her she has a ridiculously cute home!!

Deb said...

-->Cute house. I love the swing on the porch.

Anonymous said...

Buying sight unseen is impressive! Good for her, though. It's beautiful. Wish we could peek inside!


Stimey said...

Do you think your sister would mind if I moved in?

Christy said...

Wow it's just gorgeous and so glad you all had fun!

Vodka Mom said...

that was INCREDIBLE.

That was the deal of the century