Monday, January 11, 2010

Dig It

I am so excited I could burst!

Each year we give money and time to various charities. Ok, more money than time, but we are trying to get better about that. In addition to sponsoring children through Compassion International (for the past 21 years! woohooo!), we love to give “alternative gifts” through World Vision, Community Coalition for Haiti, and Unicef. The kids select mosquito nets, clothes, pregnant goats, piggies and chicks to donate around the world. Lately, however, we’ve been thinking about WATER.

Our family has decided to donate a well that will serve up to 150 people. We have asked my friends from small group to join us. I am so excited to have a family project to focus on throughout the year, and the possibility of partnering with dear friends is even better.

At dinner last night Molly had us brainstorm ways to raise the amount needed throughout the year. I can't believe that little cutie in the picture above is now old enough to wield a clipboard and pen just like a teacher, figuring out ways to help other little ones who have not had the same opportunities she has, just because of where they were born.

(Note: Please ignore the Hillary Clinton look-alike holding Molly. I guess I was already working the turkey wattle 8 years ago).

Okay, here is our list, as recorded by Molly:

Hot chocolate stand
Lemonade stand
Bionicle Show (Jake shows people his Bionicle creations and charges money)
Sell stuff on Craig’s List (Mom)
Change Jar ( $66.10 already!)
Bake Sale
Car Wash
Yard Sale
Self Donations/Birthday donations
Ask People
Save Money by not eating out

One friend is thinking of donating her class fees when she teaches a crafting class. The possibilities go on and on.

I must admit I am basically a selfish person. I want my yard sale money. I want my Craig’s List money. I want to go out to eat. So telling you this, getting the kids involved, and joining in with friends will hopefully keep me honest and motivated. Because water? Makes all the difference.

What do you think? Do you think we can do it? Do you any have creative ideas to raise money to help others in 2010?


Kristina P. said...

SHe is so cute! You guys are awesome.

Shana said...

I would like a ticket to the Bionicle show, please.

anymommy said...

I think it's fabulous that you are getting your kids involved in a project like this. And I hear you on how hard it is to give up those little things and donate the money.

Lynn Kellan said...

How much does a well cost? You might be able to set up a donation button on your website... We could all pitch in!

Christy said...

I totally think you could do it. And I think you should set up a paypal account, and link to it on your sidebar and then write a post all about it, and how much money you all need, and how much you have, (like one of those thermometers - you know?) and then we can support your efforts!!

Anonymous said...

what about a waterless stand? like a lemonade stand, but people donate the cost of a bottle of water. you could even make a well that people could drop the change in to.

purejoy said...

you are sooo good at refinishing furniture, you should do that… post before and afters on your craig's list postings. you'll make a killing!

i would pay money (almost) to know what a bionicle is. does this make me old?

hahaha on the hilary wattle comment!! peed myself just a little bit. hah-larious!

purejoy said...

oh, you could sell bottled water for $5 each. to your sunday school class or whatever.
if your kids play soccer or something, set up a water stand. include pix of clean water/kids enjoying clean water (go to . . they have fantastic photos)

super thankful for your willingness to give. inspiring!!

Heidi said...

This is soooo great!! We just did a similar something where a group of us adopted a family for Christmas. We took the kids shopping and let them pick out toys and groceries for a family that needed help. I thought it might go over the kids' heads as most of them are still on the young side, but they really got into it. Anyway, kudos to you and yours!

Deidra said...

It always amazes me when I watch the water - clean water - coming out of my tap and realize that not everyone gets to have that. How much is one well?

Anna Lefler said...

I'd love to contribute! Email me your address and I'll mail you a check... :-)

whatsupwithanna (at) gmail (dot) com

Have a great day!

:-D Anna

Gelft said...

Adding another voice to the chorus calling for you to put a donation button on the blog.

I'd love to help!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Thanks for the awesome ideas and the encouragement! I will definitely look into accepting donations through An Inch of Gray. I can't wait to see what we can do to get clean water to those who need it!

Just heard about the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. That may be where we can focus our efforts.

Masala Chica said...

You guys are awesome. You and your whole family. It's easy to see where your kids get it from.

This is why yesterday you were one of my 'grounded' and looking for inspiration favorites. come look anna . . .

Glennon said...

yesyesyes, anna. do the inch of gray donation button. i want to help, too!
also, i, like shana, would like to attend the bionicle benefit. will you offer babysitting?

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