Thursday, September 3, 2009

Was that First Period?

If you are in a position to plan such things, I do not suggest attending the Open House for your daughter’s new school on the first day of your period.

When you start to weep in the cafeteria/cafetorium/”multi-purpose space,” you may startle onlookers, and your daughter might detect that you are having second thoughts about this little game of parenting roulette you call her life. In addition, she may prohibit you from ever volunteering to help in her classroom.



Lori P said...

HA! I can relate. I'm new to your blog. How old is your daughter. I'm giggling as I imagine her shame.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

She's 8. In her defense, she said absolutely nothing-- just looked at me w/pity.

purejoy said...

awwww, i know how hard it can be. . . i just experienced the shame of fighting back tears as i sent my daughter off to college. she shoved me out the door so fast it about made my head spin.
i tried not to take it personally. . . like maybe the faster i left the sooner i wouldn't notice she was fighting back tears, too.
not that she would EVER admit it!

Vodka Mom said...

i loved the hell out of that.


Kelee said...

Funny! Anna...I love your willingness to join us in the
frailty and wonder of womanhood!

love, kelee

Glennon said...

GIRL! You crack me up. How do our kids survive us?

Anonymous said...

the older i get the crazier i get every month.....

Sheri @ said...

ahhh...those children will kill you i say, in a slow death by thousand paper cuts kind of way. Hang in there sistah...when you need to feel like you're not alone - peruse through my blog archive and look at some of the doozies my 2 have pulled.
It was nice of you to visit btw! :-)

L said...

Very mature of Molly not to stand closer to another family and try to blend in. I'm not sure I can blame all of my weeping school-related psychoses on my period though. I'm going with perimenopause.

Unknown said...

yeah, hormones right? I guess it could have been worse...could have been a trimester instead of a first day.... lol. Oh the tears, the tears.

Anonymous said...

I really think you should be published.

The mere thought of my kiddo starting off to kindergarten next autumn--not even THIS autumn--brings tears to my eyes. I have to wonder if it's just a leetle too soon to be getting that emotional about such a far-off milestone...but then I realize that it's really just around the corner.


Adrianne said...

If it makes you feel any better, I had a full hysterectomy, and I still cried at the Open House at my daughter's school yesterday, period or no period. The sad part is, my daughter didn't even bat an eye. She's used to my crazy ways. :)

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