Thursday, September 24, 2009

License to Spill?

So I opened my email at work and saw a note from the principal, subject line: “Jake.” Now if it said, “5th Grade Party” or “Tuition Overdue,” my heart would not have jumped into my throat the way it did when I saw “Jake.”

A kid’s name in the subject line? Never good.

Turns out during lunch he was bumped, or jostled, or startled, or breathed on, or looked askance at by his tablemate, spilling his Danimals drinkable yogurt on his shirt. Jake’s reaction? To pour the remainder of the yogurt on his friend’s shirt.

A sincere apology by Jake, a talking to by the principal, a clean shirt for the friend, an email to mom, and some time to “think about it” have cleared things up, but it got me thinking.

When I was packing Jake’s lunch and had just taken the Danimals out of the fridge, I had a fleeting oogy feeling. Now I know you know I get these feelings.

“What is it?” I thought. “Is the sugar going to make him hyper?” Since I didn’t think a tad more sugar would kill him, and never did I imagine the “pouring it down your neighbor’s shirt scenario,” I plunked it into the bag.

Which leads me to consider, in light of this oogy feeling, was Jake destined to commit this yogurt-fueled crime? You see, I am a Christian and I believe God knows the exact number of hairs on my frizzy head. I believe he knows each thought in my mind and feeling in my heart before a word ever reaches my lips.

So I wonder did God, through his Spirit, send me a divine nudge or feeling, akin to (insert booming voice here) “Put down the yogurt Anna, before your beloved son sends it flying?”

Whenever I have paid attention to the nudges I feel, I’ve been blessed. The outcomes vary from making a new friend, avoiding dangerous situations, having the opportunity to help someone going through a hard time, or getting the chance to talk to someone about God. These nudges have often led to little miracles.

But Danimals?

I just don’t know. In addition to being a Christian, I was raised Presbyterian. Although we barely ever discuss it, Presbyterian doctrine has this whole predestination thing going on.

Sooooooo I ask you, was Jake predestined to chuck his Danimal? If so, why would God give me the oogy feeling in the first place? Was it so I could stop him, by replacing it with a nice, nearly solid Yoplait Thick and Creamy? And where does Jake’s free will, in this case the will to overreact and hurl food, come into play?

Has this post given anyone but me a headache yet?

I believe I am predestined to eat a pie tonight. Might as well get it over with.


Kristina P. said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say. Or think about any of this.

Glennon said...

I 100 percent, without-a-single-doubt think the oogy feeling was from God. Absolutely. I think He's involved in every single detail and He was probably trying to look out for his little man, Jake. Yep.
But, as you know, Anna, I'm crazy. So you might want to get some other opinions.

Anonymous said...

I have sometimes envied Noah. Sure, that ark was a lot of work. But, he did not have have a shred of doubt about what God was asking him to do. I actually like to imagine that is went down sort of like the Bill Cosby version... and Noah actually got to ask questions to clarify the directions. :)

I used to stress over those 'oogy' feelings... and launch into something that felt like action. But I have come to a believe that they are a request to keep my eyes peeled and my ear to the ground... to be prepared to witness or participate in a miracle. But not a request to do His job for him.

My kids are much older than yours (and have survived their principals office experience). I used to have similar concerns about whether I must have missed the opportunity to do the right thing in the first place. Certainly that has sometimes been the case. But most times those oogy feelings are a heads up that we are all getting ready to learn something :) God, especially, understands the role of our free will and our mistakes in our growth.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the pie comment!

I am with Glennon, I know a lot of people say that everything that happens doesn't mean God gets the credit, but I think He does. He gave you that feeling...

Anonymous said...

By the way...what a good time for a life lesson for Jake. And maybe the other child was short on calcium.

L said...

I ignored an oogy feeling this morning that resulted in two water bottles (one filled with sticky crystal light) emptying all over the dining room hardwood floors. When I needed to be on time for work. So, I hear you on the oogy feeling and hope we'll both heed the next one.

Also, as a major benficiary of YOUR oogy feelings over the years I praise God for the times you have responded!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I have recently become a reader and think you are a great writer. I also appreciate your openness about your faith, not many bloggers that I've read are.

Lora said...

I have a headache, lol!

But I know those feelings. I have them too. Boyfriend is often creeped out about them...

Pamela said...

According to Crazy Aunt Purl (and I'm going a little pagan on you here), there may be two more events coming -

The other potential bright side of the story, did Jake gain anything from this? Are he and the friend better friends? Is he better friends with any other witnesses/participants? Good bonding time with the principal?

Lynn Kellan said...

You go, Anna. Eat that pie, and make it a la mode. From one Presbyterian to another, I believe you were predestined to eat it.

Esther said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your blog is so entertaining and interesting. I'm usually drawn to blogs with pictures of pretty things and craft projects but your writing had me reading and reading and readin more. Thanks.

Stimey said...

Eat the pie. But don't let the sugar make you crazy.

Shawn said...

Hmmmmm. I got a bit lost... :)

But you got me back at pie!

Kelee said...

Hi Anna!

I believe our Number 1 spiritual organ is our brain and number 2 the "oogy maker" our solar plexus that is governed by an energetic point called a chakra--which is connected to intuition and the spiritual realm..

As humans we are given the freedom of choice. Experience. knowledge and wisdom help us make "high choices"--those in line with a our physical and spiritual well-being. Your brain had been overridden for whatever reason and your oogy-maker was playing back-up. The two work in concert for our well-being....

Was Jake going to do this anyhow? Maybe....
but your oogy maker was trying to stop something not good-period.

I have these experiences EVERYDAY. They are part of all the tools we have been given by the Creator to choose and reinforce a good life.

Easier said than done, though.

I like the sugarey stuff......but do better in everyway without it.

love, kelee

Gretchen said...

Okay, first of all, where DO you come up with all the witty post titles?

And, don't forget about free will Anna. Even if Jake was predestined to get his yogurt spilled, HE chose to pour it on the tablemate. It was HIS choice. There are few things in this life we can take 100% complete ownership of. Choices is one of them.