Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hanging with Michelle, Sasha, and Malia...

My ears are still ringing from last night’s Jonas Brothers Concert. I proposed taking Molly and a friend to the concert in lieu of having an 8th birthday party. Concert tickets were on her cute and largely ignored 3-item Christmas list , so I figured it would be a hit.

Some impressions of the evening:

Expensive. Her concert t-shirt cost $35 dollars! Unless you are Tom, and you are reading this, in which case it cost $3.50.

Between tickets, public transportation, parking, snacks and souvenirs, the evening cost a lot more than any party would have. My whole dining room set cost $44, so I’m sure you can see how I found it a bit annoying to spend so much on one night.

I also worry about the longevity of her new t-shirt. After all, she was Hannah Montana last Halloween, a fact of which we no longer speak in this house.

Some highlights:

1. Getting a crush on Nick. I asked Molly why all the younger girls favored Nick, “The Cute One,” but now I get it. He’s adorable! He played the grand piano, rocked the drums, strummed the guitar, wrote the songs AND gave a heartfelt (?) pep-talk to “each and every one” of us to not let “them get inside your heads” when things get tough. I don’t know who “they” are, but I ate it up.

His own example, delivered in a pseudo-twangy, soulful southern accent (aren’t they from New Jersey?) as he shared his struggles with diabetes, had me wondering how much a box of tissues would cost. By that point I would have paid $150.00.

2. Feeling sorry for Kevin, “the Other One.” You know how I am about underdogs. Kevin definitely doesn’t get the screams and squeals his brothers do, which made me sad, but considering he did get engaged last week, he’ll be the first Jo Bro to get to remove the purity ring, so I guess that helps ease the pain.

3. Realizing I’m just not a dancer. I tried to be fun and stand and sway on occasion, but I just looked like a dufus. For the most part I stayed rooted to my seat, fingers pushing my earplugs as far into my ears as possible.

Yep, earplugs allowed me to hear the music while also making me feel just a little bit buzzed. This helped me find my own little happy place while surrounded by thousands of screaming girls and flashing strobe lights.

One drawback of my happy place? A flatulent pre-teen in front of me kept letting them slip as she jumped up and down, right at my face level.

I have a feeling Mrs. Obama, Sasha and Malia were protected from such indignities in their pricier seats. A pro of having seats in the stratosphere? When Kevin, Joe and Nick started spraying (Water? Foam? Jonas Juice?) on the crowds, we were spared entirely.

In all, the concert was fantastic. Molly and I made some wonderful memories, and I won't be running around like a crazy person getting ready for a birthday party. I hope to regain my hearing in a day or two, by which time I’ll be ready to watch the 5 episodes of “Jonas," Disney’s new tv show, that I’ve recorded on the DVR.

And as for the raunch factor? Thank goodness, it was very, very low! Not even in the same league as Disney’s Gymnastics Superstars.


Liz said...

She is too cute!
You are very brave!
Nick is totally the "cute one"!

Christen said...

I'm not into the Jo Bros, but I can understand getting into a teenager obsession (I read all the Twilight books and compare my hubby to oh-so-dreamy Edward- ha ha!)

Sounds like ya'll had a great birthday celebration for your daughter!!

Amber aka: AmBam, Amborghini, Ambular, BerBer, and Bambi said...

You had me laughing out loud with this post...esp. #2 :D

Jerome said...

Praise for the indefatigable gift of scatological humor. You made me laugh, again.

Gretchen said...

Okay, first of all NO THEY ARE NOT FROM NEW JERSEY That's Bon Jovi. They are from Dallas! And they still live here! WOOT WOOT! You can read all about them in the July issue of Good Housekeeping.

AND WHAT IS JONAS JUICE? Do I even want to know? Ew.

Ash said...

Mother of the Year material, if I've ever seen it.

And yes, I too have (had) a little crush on Nick, until I read that Good Housekeeping article that Texas Mama referenced.

He's 16!!

Cougar is too nice of a description of me.

Way to be a very hip, cool mama!

K A B L O O E Y said...

You ARE a trooper. I'm not looking forward to the day when my musical brainwashing system stops working on Moochie. Her current favorites are the Beatles, Bob Marley and Elvis Costello. And she'll ask for Nick Lowe on occasion. She got wise to my "Sesame Street is the only kid's show on TV/Barney avoidance method" a few years ago, so its only a matter of time.

Shana said...

You will be joining me in the special section of heaven for the "good moms." That's right... Jo Bros x two concerts, Miley x three concerts, and Cheetah Girls x two concerts. Price tag? Let's just say, I could have bought a new car for what it cost. But I am sure our VIP heaven seats will be totally swank.

Ali said...

LOL love your creative decimal point moving!

thank you for such a sweet comment on my blog!

Christy said...

You are such a cool mom! Love how that photo shows your earplug - hysterical!

Sokphal said...

This is an awesome post! Give it about 15 years when you and Molly can go again and see the Jo Bros's reunion tour (just like NKTOB are doing it). By then Nick should be legal. :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oh Anna - this is SO funny! I love that you are now a Nick fan. I'm forwarding this to FADKOG in case she doesn't see it. She writes about the Jo Bros and will definitely appreciate it.

for a different kind of girl said...

Kate forwarded me the link to this post and I'm glad she did. I loved this! I also love that you were taken with Nick, for I am a Joe girl (and I use the word 'girl' with a hint of sadness for, at 41, I'm old eough to be their mother)(and as a mother, I suppose I should feel badly for poor, poor not-quite-as-loved Kevin, but sometimes I think even Nick and Joe look at him like "Why are you here, exactly?").

I have sons and no easy access to any adolescent girls, so I'm forced to keep my Jonas Brothers love semi-hidden around my house. It's just too bad I don't, and may need to look into this earplug idea as a way to drown out my boys yelling "BOO!" as I watch the Disney show each week!

Shelley said...

I happened onto your blog from Young House Love and had to stifle my laughs (I'm at work) while reading about the flatulent pre-teen in front of you at the concert. Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Melissa said...

Just came across your blog and have been laughing out loud! I too went to the Jo Bros concert with my 17 year old daughter and two of her friends. As soon as I saw your ear plugs in the picture I died. Loved the concert, but had to put tissue in my 40 year old ears from all of the screaming! I believe there is a place in heaven for all the Mom's who take their kids to Jonas, Miley, Demi, etc. concerts :)