Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"My" Settee is your Settee

Okay, I know I usually write in here about stuff going on in my life. For instance, today I could write about the men downstairs in their biohazard suits tearing down my textured ceiling. I could write about my long-suffering husband who has agreed to pay large sums of money to get rid of said ceiling even though he finds it quite attractive.

I could write about the large tick we pulled off Molly’s arm after soccer on Monday and let you join in the speculation as to whether or not it was a deer tick.

Instead, I want to share this photo with you. I have been drooling over this velvet settee on-line for over a year now, but we have no place in our house to put it. I have watched the price go down and eventually land it in the JCPenney outlet store for only $379.99! I have discussed with hubby how we could move our bulky leather furniture down to the basement and replace it with some chic new furniture in tones of say… brown velvet and brown velvet.

Reality hit last night as we struggled to move the leather couch out of the workmen’s way, that there is no way our leather furniture can fit down the stairwell into the basement. Soooooo, I am sharing this beauty with you today in hopes that it can brighten someone else’s living room, gracious foyer, or capacious master suite. What’s not to love? Enjoy!

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