Thursday, May 15, 2008

Duly Quoted

Molly has started using quotation marks to accentuate certain points. This, joined with the hip-jutting bravado of a 6 year old who aspires to be a rock star, ranges from being incredibly cute to a bit frightening. She seems to be growing up fast. I wonder where she gets these “grown up” traits from, and her sassy, brassy over-the-top personality. Okay, so I just used quotation marks. Maybe they weren’t necessary. Maybe I’m answering my own questions. Let’s move on…

Sometimes she really pegs when to add the quotation marks, hands held right up next to a squinched-up face for emphasis. Other times, she’s pretty off base. She reminds me of Joey on “Friends” when Chandler and Ross try to help him understand when air quotes are applicable. He never quite gets it. Last night, for instance, Molly said, “When are the boys coming home with ‘the food?’” As far as I could tell, the food was food, and the situation didn’t call for quotation marks. I let it go. A few minutes earlier I had told her that girls have a separate hole for babies to come out of. I don’t want to squander all of my wise, motherly instruction in one day.

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Pamela said...

So funny. Since I relate most every experience in life to a Seinfeld or Simpsons episode, my immediate thought (must catch them when I can) was to the Seinfeld episode when Elaine's boyfriend does not use adequate punctuation when writing a message about a baby announcement. She may feel quite strongly about the punctuation she used. Don't let it end the relationship.

By the way, how about those beautiful new twins!

Alexandra said...

I love your posts.

I met Kate at BlogHer, and her blog has your button up on her sidebar, so I stopped over.

You have somuch to remember here, you began in 2008.

I just began..I love how your family life is chronicled here...not just writings.

I really, really enjoy it.

Subscribing now.