Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Be Mine

I know you are used to my rants about Tim's ignoring the Big Day. Or, my propensity to buy myself a purse from Target to celebrate my ardent love for myself on February 14. Or, sweet blogs about family traditions, from WAY BACK in the days when, for privacy's sake, I called Jack "Jake" and Margaret "Molly" on this blog.

Today's a little different.

Tim got me salt and pepper shakers in our china pattern to replace ones that have been broken and mended, broken and mended, over the years. What an appropriate and thoughtful gift.

My first thought when looking at both the old and new shakers, however, was that each set looked a bit...anatomical in its own special way.

My second thought was that the old salt shaker is a really good illustration of 26 Valentine's Days and 21 years of marriage.

The cracks and mending represent some of the excruciatingly hard times we have endured. Times when we've been shattered on the ground. Times we've had to pick through shards and pieces to see if and how we'd fit together again, particularly after our son's death. We are changed by what we've been through, even as we still function. The sustained, everyday use, despite these scars, reminds me of how we have continued to show up, long past the heady early days of wedding registries and clueless optimism.

So maybe this isn't the most romantic Valentine's post you've ever read, but I think instead of throwing away that salt shaker, I may keep it around as a reminder of how far we've come.

LOVE to you today, as always.


Sharon in Indy said...

Thanks for good words to ponder.

Those are...umm...unique (one hopes!) designs.

Theresa said...

Into the cabinet the old one goes- I agree! ♡

Gigi said...

Yes, you definitely need to keep that old salt shaker; it tells the story of your life together.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Portmeiron (sp?)

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea on keeping the salt shaker. ♥

Unknown said...

Ok I admit my mind went to the gutter looking at those shakers.

Lynn Urrutia said...

I have a wonderful husband who is gift-challenged as well. Giftgiving is his last love language. Gifts is my first.😳 i generally do what you do and buy my own. So I understand the really thoughtfulness of this gift, as well as your desire to keep the old ones. We have been married 45 years, and we are still working on this one, more towards each other.

You and Tim have both changed since Jack died, and this kind of thing is one of many small blessings that help to make it bearable to live without him. Happy Valentine’s Day.❤️

A reader from Georgia . . . said...

LOL at the anatomical comment! I definitely see it :)

Smith Girls said...

I have the exact same salt and pepper shakers as the new ones. I'd never thought about anatomical shapes, but having the same dinnerware pattern is another thing that makes me think we'd find a lot in common if we ever met. I really enjoy your blog.