Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TV Temptations: A Different Kind of Shopping Guide

You already know that I'm a sucker for "As Seen on TV" products.

Of course there is my ardent affection for the Scrub Daddy, which is Shark Tank's biggest success story ever. That little scrubber is amazing AND cheerful. I love to give them to friends in my modest imitation of Oprah: "YOU get a Scrub Daddy!" "And YOU get a Scrub Daddy!" I love how it never gets smelly, and it works differently in hot and cold water.

But did you know that we used another Shark Tank product to transition Baby Andrew out of his beloved swaddle? The Zippadee Zip makes him look like a cute little starfish, and it gives him that extra security and snugness he craves.

Today I was in my happy place, Bed Bath and Beyond, and when I looked in my cart, I realized just how many products I use are from infomercials, shopping networks, or Shark Tank. There was this potato pocket thing Margaret got me last Christmas, knowing my love for fun gadgets and of course POTATOES. Who wouldn't love a perfectly baked potato in 3 minutes? It works so well and it's easy for her to use.

Then there was the Veggetti Spiralizer  I bought for myself and as a gift. Margaret has so much fun turning zucchini into noodles, and at only $20, how could I resist? No one is going to make me think zucchini tastes like pasta, but I love to saute a bit of garlic, onion, plus "zoodles" and serve with pasta sauce. I also use it to slice potatoes for soups.

Today I bought Tim a My Pillow, because he is always stealing mine. I say to him, "Did you take My Pillow" and stage whisper "trademark" because he is a patent lawyer and I think that's pretty funny. He's getting his own for Christmas so he will leave mine alone.

A lot of these products I learn about on TV but then order online at Amazon or buy in stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I remember my first TV purchase, way back in the 80's. I hesitate to tell you, but it was the Gut Buster, a spring loaded contraption guaranteed to bust my "gut." We didn't even call them abs back then. I don't know whether it worked or not, because I never tried it. A few years later, I unloaded it at a garage sale. I'm happy to report I'm one of the few who never ordered a Thigh Master, courtesy of Suzanne Somers. They are always springing up on the thrift store shelves, but I've resisted thus far.

What about Huggable Hangers? Total game changer in my closet, and the generic ones work just as well as the name brand ones do. And Joy Mangano's My Little Steamer means I'll raise yet another child who doesn't know what an iron is.

During times of pregnancy insomnia I learned all you would want to know about the Shark vacuum, and I'm very happy with mine.

The list goes on to skincare, jewelry, even flip flops.

I've been beyond thrilled with 90% of the products I've purchased that I first saw on TV. I couldn't tell you about the Ped Egg, though, because as soon as I bought it, I became too hesitant to use it on my callous-y feet. I was nervous I'd cut myself. I told Jack, "I think I'm afraid of my Ped Egg" and he fell on the floor laughing, and said, "Mom! I love you!" Oh, and remember the post when he also thought it was pretty lame when I bought a $5 knock-off of the As Seen on TV Shake Weight? Never used that one, either.

Which brings me to the 10% of products that have been an utter failure for me. Almost all of them, like the Gut Buster and the Shake Weight, are exercise-related. I try to avoid buying these products because I know they will just gather dust until I get rid of them, amid shame and self-flaggelation, which appears to be the only kind of exercise I engage in on a regular basis.

But today, when I was at Bed Bath an Beyond, there was something tempting right up front at the register. For only $39.99 I could purchase the Simply Fit Board I've been eying it ever since I saw the cutest, fittest, grandma inventor demonstrating it on Shark Tank. After all, I want to be cute and fit, and I already feel like a grandma.

At the last second I hoisted it into my cart and handed over my 20% off coupon. It was heavier than I thought, so perhaps THAT was my workout for the day.

SOOOOO, do you think I should return it NOW, or wait until I wrap it and unwrap it on Christmas morning?

--affiliate links are above for your convenience, just don't tell me if you buy a gut buster--


NanaDiana said...

LOL- OMG-You sound like my husband....except he has never bought the Ped-Egg...although he could certainly use one. I can just see your Jack laughing when you said that.

Love that you support all those things...and I have to look for that scrubby. I never even heard of it--I know- yes- I have been under a rock. I am going to look for one now. xo Diana

Unknown said...

I really need to know.....Is "My Pillow" any good.? I'm desperate for a great pillow and I've been eyeing those infomercials for some time now...hehe

One crazed mommy said...

Oh this made me giggle - my daughter and I love to browse the As Seen on TV Store. We have had several items we love from there, and others we can't help but laugh at as we walk through the store. My daughter one day got a big kick out of the pajanimals on display - per the commercial I said to her "What - you wouldn't wear them at the mall?" - just then the lady working there pipes up "I would - I would wear them to work." We both left the store in fits of laughter, because the lady was deadpan serious!!! I want to try the scrubby thing you mentioned...I'm always looking for good cleaning materials. :)

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle! I'm a QVC gal! I love my Scrub Daddy and now they have Scrub Mommy! I buy them by the dozens on QVC to share with my daughter! That Lori Grenier is a real Shark, lol!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love As Seen On TV products. I just picked up the Scrub Daddy (though that was actually As Seen At Your House). My big fail was the Purse Pouch. It was just big enough to fit a medium sized clutch. As if.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Nana Diana-- I love the My Pillow! I have tried so many pillows and I finally have one I like!

Unknown said...

The My Pillow trademark whisper made me laugh out loud! And now I am contemplating the purchase of my own FitBoard.

She-Ra said...

So funny... as I am reading through the comments, an infomercial for My Pillow comes on. What are the chances?! Haha!

Pam Priester said...

We have the Simply Fit Board -- keep it near the TV in the family room -- it's actually pretty great --- don't use it every day LOL -- but I do like it!! Bought from their website - had NO IDEA I could get it at BB&B with coupon!!!

Lynn Urrutia said...

Hi! And thanks for all the tips. My physical therapist highlynrecommends the thigh master, especially to strengthen the muscles around your hips. I partially tore my labrum and used that frequently.

erinlovesjolene said...

You are awesome!!!!