Thursday, October 17, 2013

Re-Post, Home Run

Was looking through the blog today getting inspiration for the book I'm working on. Came across this and it made me cry.

This one is for moms who are struggling as they watch their kids struggle today:

Home Run.



Lisa said...

Thank you, I needed this. I also needed your recent post and this sentence that has changed my every day for the better: "I wish I had understood that while I was trying to make Jack's life "easier" by having him conform to other people's standards, I was most likely just letting my own insecurities and pride keep me from enjoying Jack exactly as God made him." I am parenting a very similar-sounding boy. Thank you for being willing to share through your pain to make me a better mom. I found you this summer. Obviously, I was meant to.

Salvimom said...

Good afternoon Miss Anna,

Thank you for this post. My eldest son is also the sensitive type, and when you describe Jack's experiences with sports and other social activities it rather mirrors him. I'm so thankful as always that you can share your love and caring even amidst your pain. You are such a blessing through your words. God Bless you always.

Seattle, WA

Kristin said...

Anna, I have a six year old son, whose birthday is on Jack's half birthday. I have read your blog since that horrible night and your writing moves me so deeply. But I think I need to let you know that, of all of your beautiful postings, this one in particular has helped me tremendously during the past year, as we went to birthday party after sporting event after casual get-together where he was "that kid". Your honesty about sharing not only Jack's amazing accomplishments, but also his difficulties and how he overcame them has been a hope-line for me, and I can't thank you enough.

Princess Kate said...

I got a beautiful letter from my 8 year old the other day which said - thank you for teaching me about God and letting me know I'm never going to be alone. It made me think of Jack and all that you taught him. Thank you for touching my life forever.

Still here and praying every day that you are comforted by God's love.

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

This one made me cry, thinking about my own son and how much he struggles. I can only hope that he grows and adapts just like Jack did. What an amazing transformation he made!