Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did You Know Gullible Isn't in the Dictionary? Part Deux

Today's post was going to regale you with how I had the meat company's privates in a vise because I had immediately stopped payment on the $700 check.

It was going to be a success story of someone who knows the law (and the 3 day cooling off period when someone solicits you at your house) and who had followed every step the nth degree. Emails? Phone calls? Certified letter to the company headquarters? Check. Check. Check. Hefty bunch of legalese thrown in my letters for a fun flourish? You bet.

However, the bank just called me with the bad news that the Meat Company (whose name is plastered over the internet with complaints, soon to be joined by mine) has found a way of IMMEDIATELY using a check to draw from your bank account

My stop payment (and 35.00 fee) never had a chance.

The 3 day cooling off period is rendered useless because the company then goes AWOL and is impossible to reach.

So, although I am still working to get my money back, and make room in my freezer for the Edy's ice cream that is calling my name, eees not loooking good.

New Blog Slogan: "Anna See-- when the albatross around your neck is actually a steak."

Want some GREAT news, in the midst of the bad? Our Well Project fundraiser is up to $702 today (yes, almost the identical amount I gave to the meat crooks). An entire village in Africa is on its way to having clean drinking water for the first time ever!

I've shown how we can throw good money away every day, either on purpose or by accident. How about consciously choosing to give good money to save lives? Only $20 will provide water for one person for 20 years! I am blown away by your generosity and I know that our $5,000 goal is within reach.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! The story did get worse. I'm so sorry. At least you've helped to warn people about the meat men. I usually have one day every year when I wish I owned a rottweiler instead of a labrador. I bet this was yours. :)

L said...

so sorry.

Anonymous said...

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Shana said...

Thankfully, Anonymous is here to help you recoup your losses thru blackhat marketing. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! xox

purejoy said...

awww. so sorry. i have a story like that and it involved my driveway getting sealed. how they prey on our good morals. bums! and on top of all that, the guy ran out of gas for his leaf blower and my husband was GETTING HIM GAS to do HIS job, and followed my husband into the shed with a running weed wacker. our weimaraner dog didn't know what was going on and protected my husband by biting the worker.
of course he sued.
and our home owner's policy got dropped because of our 4-legged liability.
studip, stupid stupid!!
i'm sorry you learned an expensive lesson. but i still believe your tender heart will be richly rewarded both here and in heaven.

Shay said...

Well that ending kinda sucks. I was waiting for the part where you turned into a princess and lived happily ever after and the wicked meat men had a house fall on them, and you could only see their feet and red and white striped stockings sticking out.

Anna, there is nothing wrong with making a decision that turns out to not be your most shining hour. When you're as beautiful as you are, occasionally you're going to get gobbled by unscrupulous sharks. It would be far worse to deny yourself the pleasure of all the wonderful things life has to offer by not being open to every opportunity that comes your way.

(That was my way of saying - youre gorgeous - and the meat men clearly stink)

Anonymous said...

Can you send the meat to Africa?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I used to work at a bank, and remember assisting customers who were dealing with unpleasant financial crises such as yours. Not fun.

I too think you should get rid of the meat. Can you donate it to a food bank? Or a kennel? :)

Hang in there!


Christy said...

Oh that just stinks. So sorry! What a mess.

But, congrats on the well project! I hope my little post on it sent some peeps your way!

Heidi said...

Well, that is a big fat bummer!! I was so hoping this was going to have a happy ending, but to no avail. I'm sorry Anna. What a dirty, sneaky company.

Cynthia said...

BOOOOOO - That totally stinks. I think you should have a big cookout with the meat - invite your whole street ($700 worth of meat.... invite the neighborhood!), and everyone comes with a side dish and a [large] contribution to the water project.

That is so awful you couldn't get your money back. I am so sorry.....