Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not So Hidden Pleasures, or, What Were They Thinking?

I have talked about House Porn before. It is what draws me to magazine after magazine and fills me with unrealistic expectations of what my house could and should be like. Just as most of us could not measure up to the airbrushed beauty of a super-model (or am I just speaking for myself?) our houses can’t measure up to spaces professionally styled and photographed for the glossies.

In magazines I see this:

In my own kitchen I see this:

I’m sure I’ll always love “House Porn,” and I really enjoy making changes around the house, but I don’t beat myself up when my day to day living just can’t match up with what I see on the pages.

BUT I ran into a new kind of “House Porn” yesterday, and I’m wondering if any of you have seen anything like it.

Molly and I were shopping and came across this:

Hidden Pleasures: Discreet Frosted Glass Look.

No, We weren't in Fredericks of Hollywoood; we were in Target.

And the product in question? An Airwick air freshener.

I’m not sure how the frosted glass makes it any more discreet. You plug that think into an outlet and it’s certainly not “hidden.” Is this a new kind of marketing geared toward, ehhh, frustrated homeowners? Is this supposed to make our lives more complete?

Am I the only one who thinks this is a little bit weird?

Yes, I bought it. But I was already looking for an air freshener. Really.


Christy said...

Sure you were Anna, sure you were. You saw that and you thought - ah, perfect blog fodder!

But seriously - discreet? So strange. Weird marketing ploy, for sure.

Lisa G said...

I used to style houses for photo shoots for shelter magazines. The first thing we'd do when we got to the house was to clear out ALL of the homeowners' personal belongings. We brought our own pots and pans, accessories, small appliances, etc. even pre-prepared food sometimes. Almost always, we'd move furniture around to get the best shot. So, don't feel bad. Those kitchens are NEVER what they seem.

purejoy said...

ohmystars, yes i saw this!! shopping for bama girl's room accessories!! i thought to myself, whatintheworld? but i didn't whip out my camera. and i must have been distracted by the inordinate amount of stuff in a cart for ONE person that i didn't spend time ruminating. because CLEARLY that deserved ruminating.
next thing you know it'll be 1.900.BEFRESH and you call it and someone uses an overly breathy voice saying fresh things. like "april fresh goodness" or "clean bedsheets waving on the line" or sliced cucumbers on watercress. . .

Unknown said...

no, its weird. its... yeah, weird. the description.

Shana said...

If I go into anyone's house and see a plug in or a stick up or whatever, I assume something stinky is going on. Like pet poop or whatever. I personally opt for candles. It makes me believe that I am fooling people into thinking that I'm not trying to cover the smell of cat pee and am just really into creating a cozy candle-lit ambience.

TwoWishes said...

BLESS YOU for sharing that photo of your own house!

If the first photo was house porn, your photo is like 1970s porn (not that I know firsthand, but you hear things) where the women have hair and cellulite and no implants, and they make you just breathe a sigh of relief from all those fake impossible standards.

Darcy said...

lol! wtf? yes, that's just weird. i can just imagine the ad team sitting together on this one..."Oh, yes, frosted glass, that's it Tom! We'll sell millions!" "It's never been done before on air freshners!" genius....like what? was there a NEED for this?
great post, hilarious.

Gretchen said...

Hey is it just me or does the A in Hidden PLEASURES look like the top of a... phallic symbol?

PaperCourt said...

That kitchen totally turns me on.