Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just Keep a Knockin'...

I am glad our doorbell is broken. It hangs there, but it probably hasn’t worked since the Carter administration. If it worked, I could never ignore the kids who come knocking, like right now. Usually I'm glad when kids stop by to see if my kids can play, but If I'm not in the mood to interact, I somehow lose my sense of hearing.

A doorbell is so loud, so insistent. With a knock, there’s a chance that I could be on another level doing important things --what was that crazy 60’s architect ON when he designed a 5 level split level??-- and “miss” it entirely. In truth, I’m usually blogging or drinking a diet Pepsi out of range of the windows, holding out until the knock stops.

With the exception of certain unnamed heavy-fisted young knockers, “Your car was there so I didn't give up! I knew someone was home,” the knocks eventually dwindle after a while.

I’ve been on the other side of this with my friends in the ‘hood who share the same model house that I do. I have one friend who hasn’t answered the door to me in the 6 years I’ve lived here. Of course, when she doesn’t answer my knocks, I’m sure she’s in the basement or the shower. I hope.


Rebecca said...

That's funny. I am the same way. I find our door bell too intrusive and loud. I know is so much more civilized I think and it has the added benefit of allowing for the "not hearing" possibility.

purejoy said...

who needs a doorbell when you have THREE miniature dachshunds? no one ever gets the chance to knock. we already know they're there.

Anonymous said...

Just the other day I was hanging some winter coats that had lingered for far too long on the hooks by the door when I came across my old door hanger...

When my girls were little, there were several very, very, persistent knockers! Not only were they persistent knockers... but they were persistent askers! When I opened the door to say the girls were not allowed to play, I was bombarded with a chorus of "why, Why, WHY?!"

So I took the direct approach... I got a door knocker with changeable inserts. I had 3 notices...
"Dinner TIme: Do not disturb"
"Quiet Time: Do not disturb"
"Chore Day: Do not disturb"
Didn't take too long for my kids and their friends to learn the system.

And to make the doorbell more fun... we got one with changeable tunes. The favorite among the neighbors was "la cucaraca". Since we have moved, I really miss that doorbell.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Yeah - I have been known to hide when there is knocking on the door. I have to avoid people selling things. I have a serious problem with saying no!

K A B L O O E Y said...

I avoid the phone. "Screening" is just a nice way of saying socially phobic for me. I just discovered your blog through reading Bernthis and I feel like you could possibly be my internet girlfriend. I have gray roots, a kid, furniture I found on the street, an Etsy fetish and, currently, a big smile because I haven't seen my buddy Underdog in too, too long.

(Did you ever see the sad one with the re-written title song slowed to a somber pace? Heartbreaking.

"Once he was lightning, once he was thunder.
Now Riff will end him, if he should blunder.
Underdog. Ooh, ooh, Underdog."

K a b l o o e y

Madge said...

we don't have a doorbell either. of course i have two dogs that won't shut up until i answer the door. which is actually worse