Monday, June 15, 2009

A Lot Changes in 20 Years

Yep, we used to go "sunbathing" and we wore suntan lotion (or baby oil!) for a tropical tan. Bain de Soleil SPF 2 0r 4 was considered being ultra careful.

Today, chances are we're under straw hats sporting 70+ sunscreen. About 15 years ago, I made the mistake of going into one of those light boxes that show you your sun damage. Eeek. Not helpful, not helpful at all.

Here's a pic of my first trip to FL with college friends, in 1988. That wicked sunburn made it mighty tough to flirt with the guys in Key West bars. Something about the oozing pustules must have been a turn-off. My face was actually sticky for several weeks.

Twenty something years later, I headed to FL again. I got back at 2 a.m. today and can't wait to tell you all about the awesome trip. Still processing, so I hope to post about it in a day or two.

And although a lot has changed, such as views about tanning, shoulder pads, and the staunch belief that the higher the cut of our bathing suit bottoms, the longer our legs would look, a lot hasn't changed. Friendship, for example.

Here's to 20 more years!


Unknown said...

Wow! those are some blisters!

Do you want to know what my word verification word is?!? hee is actually "dummy" ! How appropriate!

Unknown said...

whoa! never in my life seen a blister like that. holy moly


Christy said...

Yikes - that sure looks painful.

But that photo of you and your friends from this trip is fabulous. I LOVE your top!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Anna - it took me a minute to realize that first picture wasn't Debbie Gibson. LOVE the hat.

And don't tell me you were in Key West! You should have dropped by my parents' shop!

Lynn Kellan said...

What a woman - you can pose with a wicked sun blister and still look cute!

Chrisy said...

I thought it was Debbie Gibson too!

I'm envious of your time with friends... I'm so hungry for it right now!

Gretchen said...

You look fantastic! I mean now, sans blisters. ha ha