Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Who Made You Queen?

Dear Snooty Lady at the Consignment Shop,

Thanks for rejecting my clothes because they were not pressed and on hangars. I took them off hangars last week and put them in a Target bag in my minivan with my other bags of stuff to be dropped here and there.

Sure, Shadow probably sat on them because they were in “her” seat, but even Molly noticed your condescending tone. “Mom, I didn’t know grown-ups talked to other grown-ups that way.” Nice.

Well, since I don’t “press” clothes—life’s too short—I know that the folks at Goodwill will enjoy my Ralph Lauren Sundress, Ann Taylor halter dress, and Talbot’s Jackets. You be sure to enjoy YOUR wrinkle-free day.


Anna See


Christy said...

Wonder what would happen if sent this letter in to the store manager/owner?

Loved it.

Lisa G said...

Hey! That sounds like a lot of great stuff. If you save the next bag of giveaways for me, I promise not to comment on the wrinkles...

Lynn Kellan said...

Lisa G is right! Your blogging family will happily take your wrinkled Talbots stuff!

purejoy said...

cool!! where is your goodwill?? i'm going! i totally agree with you and as much as i'd like to get a little cash for my used duds, it's just easier to donate.
and i'm with lisa g. wrinkles don't bother me!!

Christen said...

I hate snooty women. Last summer, I treated myself to a manicure, and found myself sitting next to a woman who happened to teach high school. I tried to chit chat with her about school stuff and mentioned that I teach middle school, to which she replied, "Yeah, I've always found that you have to be kind of flaky to teach middle rather than high."


Gretchen said...


Do I smell a cat fight?

Heidi said...


Lana said...

Ouch! I wonder if we use the same lady! Just kidding - sort of.

Blessings to you!