Monday, May 11, 2009

I Smell a Mouse

Some things I can’t stand:

Being Sweaty
Waiting in Line (If I don’t have something to read)
Paying Full Price
Being “Marketed” to

These reasons are probably why Tom has stopped inviting me to professional baseball games.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am going to Disney World. In June.

You may be thinking what a great mom I am to forgo my personal pleasure for my children, but I’m not going with:
No, Molly and Jake have yet to go to Disney.

I’m going with:

My dear college friends. Sorry to leave you out of the pic, H, but I didn’t have a current one of all of us, and I’ve gained 7 lbs since this one was taken, so I’m feeling a wee bit nostalgic for last fall. Blogger’s rights.

Anyway, we are all either on the verge of turning 40 or have recently done so, so we’re taking a trip to celebrate! One friend’s parents have offered us their condo in Florida, so we are flying south! The Disney thing is a fun day trip, I think.

Now before you think I’m a hater and all, let me say that I have attended “Disney Princesses on Ice” and “Disney Gymnastic Superstars” But both were inside, in the winter, and I did have a child with me, my own.

When my dear friends asked where I wanted to go on our big trip I do remember waxing on with great hyperbole…. “I don’t care! The inside of a Don’s John is fine with me as long as we’re together!” But Disney? Never crossed my mind.

Am I worried about my friends reading this and thinking I’m a party pooper? Heck no. We’ve known each other since 1987 and my party pooper-ness has been long established.

We’ll be reminiscing about college. “Remember when we **** all night at the ***** with ***** and *****? That was hilarious! Oh yeah, you weren’t there, Anna.”

Some college activities freaked me out a bit, because I am a worrier, so I was not privy to them. Usually, my friends didn’t even tell me about them, either so I wouldn’t feel left out, so I wouldn't be a wet blanket, or so my head wouldn’t explode.

I’m not saying I didn’t go to parties each Thursday-Saturday night, but during the more colorful activities, or games of "I Never," I was likely to be in my fuchsia sweat suit emblazoned with the words “Tab’s Got Sass!” on the front, hair in a scrunchie, pounding Little Debbie Snack cakes while watching tv on my one channel in my apartment.

If Al Gore had perfected the Internet by then, I might have been blogging. But PLEASE don’t confuse me with those nerds who hung out in the computer labs next to the huge mainframes, staring at black and orange screens, "chatting" with people from all over the country whom they didn’t know, when they could have been having face to face encounters with real human beings. I knew that would NEVER catch on.

So, it is true—I hate being sweaty. I hate lines. I hate being marketed to and paying full price. And oh yeah, other people’s kids bug me… a lot. Yet I am going to Disney World.

If my college friends are reading this, I hope they don’t disinvite me. It really is all about the company, and I’m beyond psyched about catching up with them. I'm actually counting the days.

As long as I have enough caffeine, food, sunscreen, and possibly alcohol, I should be fine. One question: Is it okay to bring a book to Disney?


Anonymous said...

I am going to Disney in a couple of weeks... with family. Arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Friday. So last night, my husband was going through the ticket prices. (Which seem ridiculously expensive since we've previously had the good fortune to be walked onto the property for free by an old friend! Now that's a bargain you can appreciate!!)
He wants to buy 6 day passes... so he can get in line as soon as we pile out of the car after a 7 hour drive... and stay in line until the last possible moment.
I tried to sway him to the 4 day passes... suggesting that it would save us money. But I'm pretty sure he knew I was trying to get a little reading time by the pool.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm with you. And I'd absolutely bring a book for the lines!

Keetha said...

JUST THINK of the blog fodder.

Christy said...

I'd definitely bring a book - and camp out at one of their lovely cafes under an umbrella while the suckers all wait in line. Have a ton of fun!

MamaB said...

Hi just found your blog and I thought I would add that you can now get the "express pass" it is totally worth the money. Basically you sign up for it and then you swipe your card (I think) and it tells you what time to be back to get on the ride. No lines! You know when to arrive, go to a special line and presto your on the ride. You can spend the in between times reading, shopping, catching up or having a cocktail because God knows Space Mountain is so much more fun after a margarita!!!

purejoy said...

what a blessing to be going with "old" friends to a young-hearted place. what a blessing that you have ya-yas. you are a blessed soul to have them.
have fun planning.
and having a blast in lines. you can surely come up with inventive ways to entertain yourselves!!
and of course, take plenty of pictures!!

Shana said...

No. 1 - it is OK to take a book anywhere in my opinion.

No. 2- my kids have never been to Disney and I think if I went without Carlie she would die one thousand sobbing deaths and never forgive me. Drama.

Gretchen said...

The question IS: Is it okay to bring a wine cooler to Disney? Is it okay to be tipsy in Disney?

My advice: Skip space mountain.

Katherine said...

Ha ha, Anna! We are going to make you love Disney! It is going to be a lot of fun. But, yes, you an bring a book. :)

Heidi said...

I loathe lines too and I don't love other people's kids either. It's Disney though and I bet it will be fun. If not, caffeine, a book and a bit of booze will help I'm sure...not all necessarily in that order.

Pamela said...

Only if I can bring knitting too.

Maybe we'll hold down the fort while everyone else goes???

Hit 40 said...

I hope you have a fabulous trip! You should book the castle to get a pic with cinderalla. This would be classic!!!

Shawn said...

Have a great time! I'm not a big Disneyland person---although my kids are!

Just enjoy being "without child" for awhile!