Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brand New Look, Same Low Price!

Several of you have sent me dear compliments on my blog’s new look! Thank you so much! I just LOVE it, too. It seemed like the right time to make a change from the basic Blogger template, since I knew my subtitle was no longer accurate.

It said, “A 30-something At-Home Mom…” Well, in a few short months the “30-something” will no longer be true (yikes!), and now that I have new job, my time “At-Home” is greatly reduced. Not that At-Home moms are home all day anyway, but I know you know what I mean.

When I consider my new look I wonder—is it too pretty and pristine for me? The colors and style reflect the things I love, and even the way I try to decorate my house. But, I wonder, does it fail to capture the Gray Areas? The gray on my head, along with the gray areas of mothering, being married, or being a friend?

Ever since I became a mom I’ve tried to be transparent with others, according to my own experiences. That’s one of the reasons I love the blogging community so much and wish I’d known about it when my kids were tiny. Everyone needs to be able to be real with someone. Face to face, this is sometimes hard.

I was lucky to have a few friends and my sister when my kids were very young, to whom I could say things like, “About 3 weeks after your baby is born you are going to start hating your husband for a while,” or “Are you so tired you wish you could go to sleep and never wake up?” or “Do you ever get mad at your baby when she won’t stop crying?” I think letting others know of our struggles, through blogging or face to face, and being real about the gray areas in our lives, helps both us and them.

I think of the idea file I keep of the dream kitchen I hope to have one day. You know I’m a house junkie, right? My idea files are my House Porn. Every kitchen in my file has creamy off-white cabinets, carrera marble or black soapstone countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Throw in a laughing model dishing up dinner for well-dressed friends or placing a nutritious after-school snack on the capacious breakfast bar for a well-dressed (barefoot, flowing white dress—preferably smocked) child and the picture is complete.

The file holds the ideals, yet I know if I ever do get my dream kitchen, there will still be a stack of papers on the counter, waiting to be dealt with. Dog hair will still be ever present, and the pile of shoes will still seem to copulate and multiply when I’m not looking. A mudroom area, deep storage doors and even a walk-in pantry (oooh, sigh!) could help with this, but real life is still real life.

So I guess my new blog look is an ideal. It’s a peaceful break from the clutter that is every day life, just as my magazine photos provide an escape and a fantasy for me. Most importantly to me, however, is that this pur-ty blog is a place where I can write openly about my days—and some days ARE better than others.


Rebecca said...

I agree. Your blog looks peaceful and lovely. And it's so great to have you in the blog community, you are funny, honest and compassionate.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You know I love the new look. And you know that I first started reading you because I love your humor and honesty.

Chrisy said...

Your blog looks great! It's pretty, but not too busy. I like it!

It's wonderful to feel safe and "real". Your blog is very real place, and I feel safe here. :-)

Debbie said...

I am crazy about the new look. Classy, yet fun! Just like you.

Shawn said...

I was one that told you that it was mah-ve-lous! It feels peaceful and restful and classic!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, timely food for thought once again... I have less than a month of my 30-something life. I thought I had the perfect plan to avoid any unrest... I have been referring to myself as 40 for some time.
But it turns out it that I am still restless. I went to the hairdresser for 'camo' to hide the grays. I keep having "I should lose a couple pounds" thoughts. And asking "should I get some nice, new towels for the guest bathroom?" sorts of questions. And saying "please, God, isnt it time to make this acne go away?" prayers.
Isn't it remarkable that we try to meet these landmark dates with perfection?
I am thankful for the reminder that 'real' life is worth celebrating.

Madge said...

I love what you said about your blog being a peaceful break from every day clutter. exactly how i feel. again, love the new look...

Stimey said...

I love the look! It's beautiful!

purejoy said...

i love your blog. the look and the words! and the kitchen.can. so. totally. relate.
especially the dog hair.
one of these days...
at least one of these days before i'm out wandering on I-40 wondering where i put my car keys.