Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going Out For Some Grub, Part Deux

Well, I did it! I went back to my all-time favorite Mexican restaurant after an entire year away. It was the scene of the most hellish entrée of my life. To recap, please see this. Suffice it to say, my bean burrito platter had more than its requisite share of protein.

Anyway, the kids have been gently inquiring over the last year if I was ready to try again. This kind of cracked me up because THEY are the ones with the weak stomachs, refusing to eat around toddlers, being thoroughly grossed out when their friends chew with their mouths open across the table and reluctant to try foods that remotely resemble the animals they came from.

I had no intention of jumping back into the water so soon, but when one of my dearest friends called and said she and her husband and baby were already at the restaurant and asked if we wanted to join them, I had to act fast. We piled in the car, the kids giving me sympathetic looks as I broke into a little sweat and got the fake throw-up feeling in my mouth.

When we got there, we were led to the EXACT table where the incident occurred. I ordered something completely different from “my usual” and bravely dug right in. When Tom took my pic on his cell phone, I realized that it was exactly one year to the day from my fateful last visit.

Let’s just say, I’m baaaaaaaaaack! Dinner was fine.

I just wish I had kept those free appetizer certificates they so generously bestowed on me when I agreed not to sue.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

That story is new to me. I'm tempted to ask which restaurant....but maybe it's better if I don't know. Maybe we'll just agree to NOT do lunch there.

Shana said...

Just read the original post. Ew. So gross.

I have never had a person encounter with anything gnarly in my restaurant food. But one day I was having lunch at a whole in the wall Mexican restaurant in New Orleans with my sister. We each had a soda, which was served in a glass with ice and a straw.

When she finished her soda, she saw something was weird with her straw, took the straw out of the glass and the bottom end of it? It was all chewed up. Nasty.

Rebecca said...

I'm afraid of reading the part one of your story but I'm so glad that Part Deux turned out well!

Debbie said...

You are a strong woman! It would have taken me more than a year.


Oh you poor thing. I know the feeling. My fav Asian restaurant servied me soup that had a chunk of stainless steel scouring pad in it. My friend, this is the same meal, had a fortune in hers. GAG... Of course they said this never happens. Right. As if.

I refuse to go back there.


Ash said...

You are braver than me.

I just lost my appetite for the Pop Tart that was calling my name from the pantry.