Sunday, November 23, 2008

Real Moms...

My friend Shana at So Not Zen tagged me with this meme. I have never done a meme and am not really sure what one is.

Sooooo, instead of figuring out how to tag others right now, since I really have to go pee, I'll just put this one on here, having added a link to one of my posts at the bottom, or number 10. I hope you'll enjoy taking a look at all of the posts linked in this meme.

If you are sad I didn't tag you, I'm sure I'll learn more about these things as time goes by.

1. Real moms don't flinch when they talk about boobs. They do make you laugh your brains out.
2. Real moms go on vacation and learn to play traffic cop.
3. Real moms brag about their kids.
3. Real moms do not mince words when they present the truth.
4. Real moms juggle.
5. Real moms "resist the guilt and embrace the journey."
6. Real moms don't give a damn to media generated Mommy Wars.
8. Real moms creatively modify discipline techniques.
9. Real moms give good advice. Really, kids, you should listen.
10. Real moms get unsolicited fashion advice from their off-spring.


Anonymous said...

So the other day I was in a shoe store with my daughter... on the hunt for a pair of shoes to wear with a short silver dress to a formal Christmas party. I was thinking to myself... not something my mother would wear, maybe on the verge of milf, but definitely not hooker.
So my daughter picks up these high heels and says, "Try these mom... I promise I'll tell you if you look like a clown :)"
As if I had any doubt that about whether or not she was going to give me her opinion!

Shana said...

OK, everyone I tagged with my first ever meme that I've ever been tagged with has been totally stressed out by it, lol. sorry!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I LOVED that post about Molly. That story about your mom and the bra buying was priceless.

Debbie said...

You said it! They do love to give that advice.