Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Confession

I’ve always been a bit of a wordsmith, so I’ve decided to focus this Friday Confession on times words have turned, well, awk-----ward for me.

Scene 1:
College French class. Upper level French Phonetics. I was zoned out, thinking about that night’s fraternity party, while the professor wrote on the board. Seeing the vacant look in my eyes, she called on me to pronounce the word on the board. Since I hadn’t been paying attention, I assumed what I saw must be one of the many French words yet unfamiliar to me. “Keeeeeeeet,” I said, in my perfect French accent. Laughs and giggles. The word was in English: kite.

Scene 2:
Let’s go back farther. Sixth grade. I was walking down the hall after school with my two buddies, both boys. We discussed all of the things we had learned that day. When talk turned to math, I volunteered what I knew about geometry, specifically triangles: “Isosceles, Scalene, Scrotum.” Yes, this was the same week we started “Family Life Education,” or Sex-Ed. The good news is, I don’t think my young buddies picked up on it.

Have a great long weekend!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

My Friday Confessions have caught on! These are great. I remember back in third grade, I was reading a paragraph aloud. The topic was "similes" but I kept pronouncing it "smiles." I'm still embarrassed.

Shana said...

That scrotum triangle was always such a bitch to draw. Main reason I didn't do well in geometry.

I like your Friday confessions. I'd give it a try if I EVER did ANYTHING even REMOTELY confessable, haha.

Thanks for the nice comments : )

Carla said...

LOL! You are my kind of gal.