Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Am I Blue?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an Anna See in possession of a gift card must be in want of a blue sweater. Most birthdays and major holidays Tom bestows upon me a gift card to a store that is much nicer than where I usually shop (like Goodwill or the side of the road).

I take the gift card to the store, and after searching the racks, settle on a beautiful sweater or blouse in some shade of blue. Imagine my surprise when I hit Ann Taylor Loft yesterday and couldn’t find a single article of clothing in my favorite hue. Clothing colors are cyclical, and apparently with my “summer” complexion of fair hair and eyes, I’m just not “in” this fall.

The saleslady brought me lots of choices of colors—reds, mustards and purples. When I tried on a burnt orange sweater she yelped, “That’s it! Orange is definitely your color!” Now it’s not as if I thought the earth would spin off its axis if I didn’t fall back into my blue sweater rut, but is it really possible at this advanced stage for “my color” to change? I politely tried on a few more orange things while the other shoppers circled around me voicing ardent approval and unsolicited advice like some sort of Greek Chorus.

I wasn’t sure whether they were messing with me. Perhaps there was a quota to push orange items pre-Halloween. So, I brought back a shirt in the brightest, most vivid emerald green I’d ever seen. Would they rave about this too? Silence by all. This, decidedly, was not my color. But I just loved, loved, loved it. Have you ever bought something that you knew wasn’t the most flattering just because you just HAD to have it?

Total haul: one black shirt (safety), one burnt orange sweater (peer pressure), one emerald green shirt (independence!).


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Sometimes we don't always want what's best for us. You are such a pleaser though. If you don't like orange - then return that sweater immediately! After scoping out the store to make sure the saleswoman who pushed it on you isn't there of course (wouldn't want to hurt her feelings).

Shana said...

Emerald green is definitely your color. Anyone who says different is obviously visually and/or mentally impaired.

Becky said...

Blue is a fantastic color on you (as I witnessed in person on Friday night), but it's always good to break out of a color rut. My closet has way too much pink/cranberry in it so I jumped on this fall's orange bandwagon, too. It's a tricky color - wear it with black and you feel like you're celebrating Halloween. But if you can find a comfortable look for it, go for it. (Incidentally, I love the emerald green blouse, too.)

Madge said...

i get in color ruts to. i haven't been able to get away from black, khaki and green since college. i need help