Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Always Rockin' It

I went to my 30th high school reunion Saturday night. It was hard to get motivated to put on fancy clothes when I'd spent Andrew's nap time snuggled in bed with a good book, but I rallied and had a wonderful time.

There were lots of hugs from old friends, and I even danced for maybe the second time this millennium, throwing my hands in the air and trying not to wonder if I looked like a doofus.

The next morning, I hopped in the shower. My showers have to be fast, because there's usually a pint-sized observer outside the glass door, either wailing or trying to climb in. I have the routine down:

1) Wash key areas.

2) Take the razor and do a swipe in each pit, 3 swipes for each leg, below the knee only.

3) Wash hair as needed, which considering I am a gym dropout, is not often.

When I got out of the shower and put on deodorant, I thought, "Good grief! Somehow dog hair must have gotten stuck on my deodorant.  WHY is there not a single dog-hair-free zone in this house?!"

I grabbed reading glasses from the counter for closer inspection. Dear Lord. That big tuft of hair was not from the deodorant. Or the dog. It was firmly my armpit.

I'm guessing that months and months of careless shaving left me with quite the overgrowth in one concentrated area.

Clearly, a single swipe of the razor was not enough.

BTW, I  thought you might like to see the SLEEVELESS dress I wore Saturday night. I will NOT zoom in. I will NOT zoom in. 


Anonymous said...

Oh how this made me laugh. I had a similar situation. After my son died I fell and broke my shoulder. Only with the help of my very patient husband was I able to shower, dress, etc. etc. Finally after months (shoulder break turned into frozen shoulder) I was able to raise that shoulder enough to get into that armpit and give it a shave. It was the first good laugh we had in all those months. I was the Yeti, Sasquatch, and all the hairy beasts legends are made of. It took four brand new razors to get it to where we could say okay that's reasonable. Thank you for today's good laugh. Kathleen

Peggy said...

Lilac Girls is such a great book! Hope you're enjoying it as much as I did!

Unknown said...

Good news is that it was 30th reunion for everyone!!! If you couldn’t see it without your glasses, neither could they!

Gigi said...

Too funny! And that book looks fascinating; especially since I'm entranced with Call the Midwife on Netflix right now.

Karen L. said...

I think you look wonderful for that special reunion---you're rockin those sleeveless dresses! What a funny story, too.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!