Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stitch Fix Reveal!

My latest Stitch Fix was a winner!

Let's take a look at what I found in my box.

1) Dear John Bayley Roll Cuff Bermuda Short: $68.00.

Basically, white denim shorts. No photo. I needed new long-ish shorts, and white would have been a good choice, but these were too tight. Also, too expensive!


2) Market and Spruce, Amberley Cut out Detail Top, Teal Green: $48.00

While on paper, this would be a great choice for me: striped, bright, soft, long, fun detail in back, I HATED this shirt on me. Margaret and I both had this visceral reaction to it. Perhaps it's the way it clung. Or how it reminded me of a shirt I had during a particularly rough patch in middle school. Or, perhaps b/c Margaret said, "It looks like it came from Kmart." Now, you KNOW I am not a clothes snob, but if I could get this from Kmart (or Walmart, or Target) it would be a lot less expensive.  I was surprised not to like this shirt on me.


3) Finn and Grace Karyn Off the Shoulder Knit Top: $28.00

Please pardon the black bra. I specifically requested a shirt to show off my shoulders. I wanted to see how this trend looked on me. The answer: while I like my shoulders a lot, this baggy lump of ugh did nothing for me. Maybe it would have been better in black or royal blue, rather than tiny red and cream stripes. Margaret, who would look gorgeous in a potato sack, asked if she could have it. Because it was priced reasonably, I said yes. She had better wear it!

KEEP, but not for me.

SOOOOOO, why do I consider this Fix a success?

4) Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse, Cobalt, $48.00

This dark blue shirt with swans on it is unusual but very flattering. I thought for sure it was a NO-GO until Margaret insisted I try it on. I like that it's not something I'm going to see in every store. I also love the flowiness and the length. Cute with white jeans. I hope we have some cooler spring days because I want to wear this one a lot. If I become The Swan Lady, so be it.


5) Wisp Ryenne Jersey Dress, Blue: $84

I was hoping for a cute summer dress that could be super casual. This fits the bill. The shape is really flattering, and it is long enough and roomy enough for me to wear on any given day. On the floor with Andrew, my underwear won't be showing. It's loose around the tummy, so a big Taco Bell meal won't be an issue. The fabric is a fun batik pattern and is flowy and soft. Also, it shows off my aforementioned shoulders without looking dumb. I plan to wear it with Birkenstocks for casual, silver flat sandals for a little more dressiness, and wedges for church.

So, I'm keeping 3 out of 5 on this FIX. Because I kept just one item, I can take $20 off the total (my "styling fee"). Considering I cannot stand summer clothes, I think this went very well!

STAY TUNED! As promised, I ordered Tim Stitch Fix for Men for Valentine's Day and we scheduled it for next week. Ha! I can't wait! I wonder if he'll look like this guy:


Yolanda McLean said...

this was a fun post!!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!

Gigi said...

I absolutely love both items you chose - they are so flattering on you.

Carol-Anne said...

I am surprised you didn't the like off the shoulder shirt....I thought it really looked good on you!

Unknown said...

I love the blouse and that dress is perfect! I'm thinking of sending this post to my Stitch Fix stylist and telling her that I need both of those in my next box. Swans are the new black!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought the off the shoulder shirt was darling on you...glad it is still in your house to try again

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The outfits are so cute and you look great!

Anonymous said...

You look rocking.

RobinBananas said...

I think that off-the-shoulder shirt looks AMAZING on you and you should steal it back! Seriously. I don't even really like the trend, but it looked great.

Jenn Marshall said...

You are stunning in all those outfits - you should have kept them all! Miss and love you and hope we can catch up soon. It's been way too long. xoxo

Reenie said...

I loved the first two tops on you also. I hope you borrow the 2nd one from Maggie, since she kept it. ;)

You look great!! :)