Thursday, November 5, 2015

Quick Trip and an Organizational Tip

We just got back from a quick trip to Orlando, Florida.

Despite some illness, we had a very good time, and it helped solidify for us that we aren't really an amusement park family. Tim does not do well with crowds, I wilt in the heat, and Margaret does not like thrill rides. We went to two excellent theme parks and used the "quit while we're ahead" philosophy to get maximum enjoyment with minimal angst. Instead of thinking about HOW MUCH MONEY WE SPENT on tickets and trying to suck the marrow out of life by staying from opening to closing, we just stayed as long as we were still having fun and more like nibbled on a little bit of marrow. We went on low-key rides and did a lot of people watching. Quitting while we were ahead gave us time to kick back in our hotel, watch a Shark Tank marathon, and read books.

We decided to share one suitcase since the airline now charges for each bag. We used a large LL Bean duffle with wheels. In order to not have an annoying mish mash of all of our clothes, I gave each of us packing envelopes/cubes that I discovered right before my trip to Armenia last winter.

This are game changers!

Not only do they compress your clothes take up less space, and keep your everything wrinkle free, they help keep you organized so that you can find your things easily throughout your trip. I used one big envelope for my clothes, and two small cubes for pajamas/underclothes, and shoes. I bought a few on Amazon and found a few more at our thrift store. The brand I like is Eagle Creek, but there are a lot of other options out there. At home, unpacking was easier, too, because we each took our own cubes out to deal with.

Now we are back in Virginia, not a palm tree in sight, busting out the flannels and trying to get used to it getting dark at 5 o'clock again.

And after a trip, sometimes it feels like home is the happiest place on earth.


Beth Cotell said...

We've never been to Disney but all of our friends have been and they talk about how much they LOVE it but when you really start asking them about their trip all they can talk about is the heat, the crowds, the long lines, the expense, the amount of time they spent planning the trip and the fights they got into with their family members! No thank you!

I am very interested in those packing cubes for an upcoming trip my family will be taking but your link doesn't seem to go anywhere and also your blog background looks a little wonky.

owlfan said...

We did Disney during a fall school break several years ago and had a great time and comparatively few crowds. But it was very expensive. While we all enjoyed it, we aren't planning a return anytime soon. That was our once in the kids lifetime as kids trip. No way would I go mid summer when it's so crowded and sweltering.
The packing cubes sound interesting. We've just decided to go carry on only. We took a 3 week trip this summer. One carry on each. My son even flew home from college with only a personal item last year at Christmas (flying Spirit, where even a carry on costs ). Of course, he ended up flying back to college with 2 suitcases full of stuff - both gifts and items he wished he had taken with him initially. said...

Coming home may be the best part about traveling. Being greeted by the dog, sleeping in my own bed, and attacking the mail pile that grew all the while i was away - all of it sings out that there's no place like home.

julie gardner said...

I'd like to thank you for the phrase "nibbled on a little piece of marrow."
It is now my favorite.
I plan to use this whenever I can squeeze it into a conversation.
Of course I'll give you credit...but only when it's not unreasonably awkward.
Announcing that I plan to "nibble on a little piece of marrow" at, let's say, a wedding reception might be strange.
So I'll keep your name out of it then.

Julie Gatherum-McGuire said...

I have followed your blog for several years and gave often commented. To read this particular article made me happy as my husband is the Sales Director for Eagle Creek. I have forwarded this to him. It truly is an amazing company with the most committed team behind the products. Thank you for sharing.

Blessings to you and thank you for the daily inspiration you give me. You represent hope, and have made me realize that if the worst happens, I can survive. You are truly a gift to all who seek inspiration..


Andrea Mowery said...

I need those cubes. We frequently share suitcases and it would save me a lot of time unpacking everyone else's stuff just to get to my own. I like what you said about your family's preferences on vacation. We just found out this year that we all prefer a laid-back holiday rather than an action-packed one.