Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August is the Sunday of Summer

I've been hearing this sentiment crop up all over as summer enters its final stretch. These days Margaret is deep into field hockey practice for high school (gulp) and I'm in limbo-land before the paperback of Rare Bird comes out.

Some attribute this quotation to Ellen Degeneres because of a recent tweet, but not in our house!

You see, Jack made this statement at least 5 years ago, and I blogged about it and other random things the kids were talking about, including Margaret's antipathy for things that started with the letter C.  Note: In posts pre-accident, I referred to Jack as Jake and Margaret as Molly.

Check out that old post to get a glimpse of our family's life.

I hope you are having a great Sunday of the Summer!


One crazed mommy said...

I feel the same way about August - I can totally relate to Sunday as well! About mid-afternoon I start getting the dread for Monday. LOL! I love this!
Although - I do have a question, regarding your other post...why don't you like cats? Clowns I totally understand, but every time I hear someone say they don't like cats, it truly puzzles my brain. LOL!

Jamie Miles said...

I've never heard that saying but we are in our second week of school. I feel like the joy of August is yanked from us in some ways. Still trying to keep that summer state of mind, even though the busyness has started up again.