Sunday, August 24, 2014

Help Launch Rare Bird!

NOTE FROM ANNA: Even though we are now over 100 people on the sign up, PLEASE take part anyway! More people=more people hearing about Rare Bird!

Hey amazing people! We're gearing up behind the scenes getting everything ready for the launch of Rare Bird on September 9th! There are several ways you can help get the word out about the book. I'm putting those together in a list for you that I'll share in a few days, but the first way to help is ready right here, right now.

Sign up for Thunderclap!

For those of you not familiar with how a Thunderclap works, here are the details:
1. If we get 100 people to sign up, a one-time, pre-written tweet or Facebook status will go out at a scheduled time on the day the book releases, September 9th. It's basically a social media blitz, and it's super easy to join.
2. All you have to do is click on the link below and choose to tweet and/or FB the pre-written promotion. Feel free to add your own comment describing the book for Facebook updates. Also, don't forget to use the share option after you sign up, where you can notify your followers you joined and that they can too! The beauty is that once you sign up, it's a done deal. Nothing to remember on Sept 9!
Questions? Ask away in the comments below! And as always, THANK YOU for your love and support!!!
Oh, and as an extra THANK YOU for signing up, please enjoy this picture of my dear husband nerding out in a brown jumpsuit. I have no words:



Kim P. said...

Done and Done! Hugs from Purcellville.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Done. Good luck!

My Inner Chick said...

I shall add the link to "Rare Bird" on my next blog post.

Love from Minnesota. xx

Alison said...

I'm so excited for the launch!

Kathy at kissing the frog said...

And yet he still looks cute. You know I'm all over the thunderclap! xo

Unknown said...

You did not have to thank me, but I'm glad you did because that photo is AWESOME! :-) Can't believe he let you take that.

Unknown said...


And he's darling, regardless.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Nice write up in WaPo. Go, you.