Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Gratitude Box Round-up

I hope you've had a good week. On Valentine's morning, we opened our Gratitude Box and read the contents aloud. Here are some highlights:

Bear (hamster): I love how you eat right out of my hands. Dad

Anna: I love how you get all the words in the crossword puzzle that I don't know. Tim

Mom: I liked talking to you last night. Margaret

Dad: Thanks 4 helping me get my tongue unstuck from my popsicle! -- M

Anna: I love how you care about other people. Tim

Tim: Thank you for taking over the bill paying for me! -- Anna

Shadow: I love how your ears perk up when you are waiting for a banana-- Dad

Mom: If you don't finish writing your book, I'll be MAD. Margz

Tim: Your haircut looks nice! Anna

Margaret: I love it when you sing all around the house! Mom

Margaret: I love your creative mind! Dad

Margz: You will do great things in life! Mom

Mom: Even though you're BAD at math, I still like u. Margz

Tim: Thanks for helping Margz with math! Anna

Margz: I love your sense of humor! Dad

Anna: I'm grateful for your blog. Tim

Shadow: Your ears are the softest ears ever! Mom

Grammar: I love you! (exclamatory sentence) Margz

Margz: God loves you and so do I! Mom


Margaret: I love how you use emoticons and taught me how to use them. Dad

There were more, including some written to Jack.

I'm glad we continued this tradition.

Much love to you today!


M. said...

Anna: I love how you continue to teach us how to love one another and how to see the little things that are so important.- Laura

Ellen aka Ellie said...


Christy said...

Incredibly sweet. xoxo

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Those are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us!! I am discovering that I'm not at good at math as I once thought. Going to tell my husband that I am grateful he is. :) xo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It sounds like a lovely tradition. Some of the simplest things need to be said and this is a wonderful way to do it!

booksandcandy said...

crying. I think it was the comment about singing. I am glad there is singing in your house. I am glad you are remaining a strong family. I want to be strong enough to do this activity but I just can't

Stimey said...

This is so fantastic. Anna, I love how you care about other people too.

I love your family.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

A lovely tradition Anna! I'm sure it brought joy and tears - the best moments in life usually do!

Anne said...

I love this tradition!So glad to hear you continue to do this too!

Anonymous said...

Margaret: Do not guilt trip your mother into working on her book. Guilt does not help with sensitive people. It makes them LESS productive. (You're too young to know any of this). The following is much better:

"Mom: I will love you whether you finish your book or not."

Believe me. I know about this kind of thing.

Also Margaret: You're awesome and everyone wants you to start a blog of your own.

Bluebird49 said...

So very sweet----this is a great idea.I'm going to show it to my daughter-in-law and see if they'd like to do it next year! They have an 9 and a 5 year old--I think this would add a lot to their lives; I certainly wish I'd done it when my kids were here ay home.
Sherry's mom

Anonymous said...

Shadow eats bananas?!

I can only imagine how meaningful the messages to Jack were...

Peace to you.

Princess Kate said...

Please put this in your box:

Anna, Tim, Margaret and Shadow: Thank you for being the loving family that you are. Through all your pain, I see HOPE.

Unknown said...

I love these - I love that you shared them with us.

Really and truly.

Momma Holmes said...

Sigh. Tear. Inspired and Appreciative. Thanks for opening yourself up to us.

Marinka said...

love this! The popsicle made me laugh, and for some strange reason, I'm guessing Shadow's ears are soft?!

Jamie Miles said...

This was wonderful. I would love my children to do this and say positive things to each other rather than tearing each other down. Maybe we ought to have a jar like this -- and when they have a fight, I'll make them pull out a card and read something heartfelt.

Rach said...

This is so beautiful. I believe we need to start this tradition in our home. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family with us.


Unknown said...

I loved this suggestion in a prior post and we tried it this year. At first the family thought I was being corny but as the week wore on, I noticed more and more slips. By Valentine's evening, when we sat down to read them, we were all giggling and loving this new tradition.

Thank you for sharing!

Amy said...

I love this tradition! please remind us earlier next year as I want to do it--and I need time to make the cute box etc. Excited for your book. No pressure.

SanH said...

Love this tradition!

Anonymous said...

"Grammar: I love you! (exclamatory sentence) Margz"

I seriously love this kid. We share the same bizarre and esoteric sense of humor, although she is definitely way faster than me.

Stay awesome, Margaret!

TheLab said...

Great notes! We love each of you!

Anonymous said...

I love that Tim is grateful for your blog. It's such an important outlet and forum....thanks for knowing this, Tim, and for telling Anna.


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