Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today on "I Shop, So You Don't Have To"

Although I didn't find any used Gyno tables, today was a doozy at the thrift store! I thought I'd share some of the merchandise I found. How anyone was able to part with it is beyond me.

My iPhone pictures are blurry, but that might not be a bad thing.

For some reason there was an abundant supply of creepy dolls and figurines today. They may have all come from the same person.

Here's Piano Gal:

Not to be outdone by 4, new-in-box, Girl Crocodile Hunter animatronic dolls:

And this flirty, buxom wine jug:

Next to her creepy cohort Mr. Bear:

My fave was Bubble Baby:
Not to be confused with Bubble Boy:

And while I was sorely tempted to buy this hodgepodge of Coin Bank/Teddy Bear in a Cannon/Parrot/Pirate (????)
I was even more alarmed at its ridiculous $19.91 price tag than its assault on my good taste.

Speaking of tastelessness, check out this shoe that will NEVER grace the delicate foot of my 9 year old daughter:

So now you have seen the dark underbelly of my favorite thrift store. Gotta separate the chaff from the grain, baby.

Tomorrow I will share with you some of my ideas to look beyond the craptastic-ness to find something for you and your home.

But before I leave, I want to share with you why you will never see a unicorn roaming the earth:

Widespread Unicorn Asphyxiation.


Brenda Susan said...

Haha! I am so very glad you did that shopping so I don't have to! Yikes! But that's the fun isn't it? Like a treasure hunt!

Anonymous said...

I know where you were! I was there too today and saw those strange Crocodile Hunter's Wife dolls. They were strange, and why were there 4?! Got to love that store (and I do)!

Unknown said...

I kinda like the wine jug. Jug--snort, snort. Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll bet the bank is old and thus the high price tag. And someone probably thought those Crocodile Hunter dolls would be collector items one day and they'd make a fortune!

K A B L O O E Y said...

These look like something out of a scary Twilight Zone. Nightmares, I'm gonna have nightmares! Good think many are encased in plastic. I remember The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, but have even fonder memories of the bubble boy episode of Seinfeld. Moops.

for a different kind of girl said...

I don't remember posing for that buxom wine jug, but I think I look hauntingly like it! I must have been strung out on the wine when the very talented artist captured that likeness! :)

Alexandra said...

I have always loved posts with pictures of trips to antique shops.

SO interesting to me.

The finds, what's out there, that someone once bought it : NEW.

I love it.