Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't Make Me Put on My Angry Eyes

Just rolled into town after the week-long in-law reunion in Connecticut/BlogHer festivities! I missed you!

Feeling tired and dazed and not sure which order in which to write it all down.

How about I start at the end, on Sunday, when I got escorted out of a news stand in Grand Central Station? I assure you that I was thinking of you, dear friends, when I almost got sent to the pokey.

From the crappy caliber of the above photo, you will know it was maybe NOT such a wise call that I skipped the photography class at BlogHer in order to sleep off some wine, take a long shower, and spend a little alone time time with The Book Thief.

I was trying to get better shots for you, when the assertive news stand lady made me cease and desist. "No picture! No picture in here! Lady, you go now!"

Not sure whether she took umbrage with the fact that I thought it was hi-lar-i-ous to label a rack of the following titles: Doll Advertiser, Doll Collector, Watch and Clock, Classic Cars, Cigar, World War II Vehicles, and possibly Urology Today "GENERAL Interest," or whether she thought I was some kind of security threat.

I'm guessing she wanted to nab me before I could fulfill my diabolical plan of photographing as many magazine covers as possible. Then, instead of leafing through my book on the train to CT, I could just scroll through my view finder and learn whatever my heart desired about Origami, German U-Boats and archeology, or at least what could be found on the covers.

I can't wait to write more, but let me just say my week away was filled with family, new and old friends, and fortunately, no jail-time.


Gretchen said...

Wait, WHAT??? Mrs. Potatohead was there??? Was she giving away SWAG POTATOES????

You are so lucky.

Jill said...

OK lady ... looking forward to reading your post BlogHer post! So glad to meet you. Can't wait to move to your neck of the woods. Start househunting for me... and send me your #...

Mrs4444 said...

That's funny.

Glennon said...

Anna, I've missed you. Been checking every day, hoping you were back.
How was it? I've been nervous for you. Conventions make me nervous. Actually, everything but yoga and my couch makes me nervous.

Tell tell!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Welcome home!

I always think I'm going to get kicked out of some of the places I take pictures, but then so many people have cameras nowadays, you think she'd be accustomed to people taking snaps of her dolly mags...okay, perhaps not.

Aspen Real Life said...

Hi Anna,

I enjoyed meeting you as well at the Mouthy Housewives Party.

Glad that you didn't get sent to jail in NYC although, it would have provided great material.

Keep in touch!

L said...

I love that picture of the two of us. Thanks for posting it ;).

Glad you weren't arrested and can't wait to hear more! I miss you!

K A B L O O E Y said...

And right after that last picture was taken, you popped out Mrs. P's nose and ran like hell, then bumped into me at the revolving door. Hotel security almost got you then, didn't they? I loved meeting you at BlogHer; you're as nice as you seem on your blog and made visiting the Serenity Now Suite that much sweeter. OK, bad pun. I'm still very tired, it seems. Sorry we didn't see each other at the sparkly party, but I was afraid the lighting would induce seizures and the music was giving me flashbacks from a full moon rave I attended in my youth. I ran out before the foam guns came out.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Um... Where is my photo credit?

LOVED spending time with you this weekend. And still laughing about our last conversation (about going through our parents' stuff when we were little). Still afraid to have babysitters in the house...

Shana said...

So it's official, I am the only person in the civilized world who did not go to BlogHer. Awesome.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience. And just FYI, 2011 it's in San Diego. See you there?

TwoWishes Tara said...

I was really looking forward to tracking down you and Kate at BlogHer (after following both your blogs for ages). Even stopped into the Serenity Suite while you two were there, but I was in a rush to meet my baby upstairs, and there was a good-sized crowd in mid-chat that I just couldn't fight.... Hope there will be another chance, whether 'round DC parts or next year in San Diego!

vawriter said...

Jealous!!!! Refer to my blog. And I hadn't even seen yours yet to find out I missed a very accessorized Ms Potato Head, too.

Your hair looks fabulous, and nary a root in sight.

San Diego--yay!

Tracie said...

I didn't know you went to BlogHer. So jealous!

Ann Imig said...

Lady you go now!

She must've been one of those REALLY popular bloggers.

Great meeting you.


Heidi said...

Oh, I'm excited to catch up! I was just over at Kate's blog where you are looking all gorgeous!

Mrs. Potato lucky.