Monday, April 19, 2010

Sun-ny Days, Chasing the Clouds A-way

So I was browsing in Crate and Barrel last week when I saw this tray:
It looked so fresh and happy that it made me think I might need a little punch of yellow in my decor this spring.

So this flowered Dollar Store Tray got a fresh coat of yellow spray paint.

And my little blue table got some Heirloom White and was topped off by my cracked green $3 lamp with a coat of yellow and a new drum shade.

(Coral transformation to be unveiled later.)


The lamp is not wowing me because:

1. I kind of ran out of yellow in the middle, so it's a bit of a greenish-yellow
2. I can't get the shade to stay on straight without the use of duct tape
3. It's so old its making me think-- fire hazard

But I must say, the yellow provides the room with a more fun, funky vibe than it had before.

The couch got some new linen pillows from C&B, to replace the wintry chocolate/blue satin ones. Don't you think the middle is crying out for a cute yellow/white lumbar pillow in a graphic print? Please let me know if you have one in mind!

So, I'm not sure if the yellow will last through the summer, or even this month, but I guess this goes to show you what happens when you give a girl a can of yellow spray paint.

P.S. The dog is still brown.

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Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Anna, It is so nice to stop by your blog tonight! Your yellow craze seemed to pay off beautifully and economically. Wonderful job, upscal and very fun! What an inspirational post. I now want a can of yellow paint!

Recaptured Charm said...

Ha! I like the pop of yellow in the room. But nothing beats a can of spray paint! You can change your mind as often as you like. Thanks for dropping by Recaptured Charm today and leaving your lovely comment. Coveting is ok in my

purejoy said...

hahaha on the dog!!
i love the touch of yellow. i just never think about spray paint. i need to branch out more!

Kristina P. said...

I love the yellow accents!

vawriter said...

The dog better not sleep soundly when you're armed with spray paint!

Love the hits of yellow--esp the mantel. Try red next?

Wendy said...

I am SO loving yellow right now!

See Mom Smile said...

Awesome. Makes me want to the Dollar Store and spray paint something. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

Marinka said...

You are so creative! And I think the dog would like a big yellow streak down its back. (Yes, I know the dog is not inanimate, but I don't know if the dog is a he or a she. And apparently writing this explanation is easier than writing "down his or her back")

crush. blog said...

your post script made us laugh out loud. search yellow and white throw pillow on Etsy - lots of cool stuff!

slow panic said...

i LOVE the yellow lamp. love love love it.

K A B L O O E Y said...

I think your giant ampersand could use a dose of sunshine.

Brenda Susan said...

I love the shots of yellow! You are so inspiring! What a huge difference a bit of paint can do. Now you got me looking around my house to see what I can paint up!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I think you definitely need a printed accent pillow to pull in the yellow. Is there a thing about "three" - as in you need three of something to make it work? Anyway - love your idea and it looks great.