Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm With Stupid

Girls’ t-shirts I saw for sale at the thrift store today that I will NOT be buying my 7 year old daughter:


“I’m not opinionated. I’m just always right.”

“Grandpa’s Little Princess”

“Miss Attitude”

“I Ain’t No Hollaback Girl”


“1. I want it.
2. You buy it for me.
3. Any Questions?”


Susan said...

More proof that people who design children's clothing don't have children or, at least, any concern for them growing to become useful adults.

My sister gave my daughter a tee that said "Diva" when she was 6. I tossed it.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I don't think I even understand that "hollaback" one... Those are funny in theory - but no, I wouldn't want to see on my own daughter.

bernthis said...

I would wear that trouble t-shirt as it is more appropriate for me.

Marinka said...

Seriously, who thinks that these tshirts a good idea?

Gretchen said...

What? Were they all out of Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers T-shirts?

Anonymous said...

That bad news: this means there is still a girl out there wearing the shirt that says,
"I recycle boys"
Can you believe a classmate of my daughter's wears that to middle school?! I WISH she would donate it!

My daughters are old enough that fashion could be a constant battle. Thankfully, they have noticed that I was right... people who wear that stuff are usually not 'best friend' material. But these days we compromise... stupid t-shirts can be worn as pajamas... mom still has the last word on what phrases they are allowed to snuggle up with.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I hate all those tee shirts with the obnoxious sayings on them. I refuse to purchase them.

Unknown said...

Too bad one little 8 year old I know already owns all of those shirts and has internalized their messages. She's a terror! Thanks, Paris Hiltons of the world!