Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Like Taking Candy From a Baby

I’ve almost finished eating my kids’ Easter candy. Another day or two is all it should take. I thought I’d be done by now, but with Easter coming so close on the heels of Valentine’s Day this year, I had a bit of a backlog. I finally decided if I was going to keep up my usual pace there would be NO eating any candy I don’t like. Once I got rid of the conversation hearts and various kid-centric candy like Nerds and Ring Pops, I was good to go. Chocolate, chocolate, nothing but chocolate! Oh yeah, and jelly beans. The kids have asked no questions, and I’m volunteering nothing.

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TheLab said...

Hi Anna! I'm a friend of Kristen Thomas' - today she sent me a link to your blog. And today I became a fan. I laughed so hard at the very first sentence in this blog, read it to my husband, laughed again, read it to my husband again, laughed... Can't wait to read more. (Oh, and I was also inspired to join the blogging world: http://aclevertitlegoeshere.blogspot.com/) You might identify with my "Kitchen Nightmares" blog.