Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baby Gear Advice Needed

Worlds are colliding!

At the very same time I'm packing up the kitchen, dining room, and living room finding things to get rid of in anticipation of our upcoming remodel, I'm putting together a list of must-haves for when the baby comes. Somehow, in the next three months, all of this will come together, right?

We are turning our kitchen, formal living room, and tiny formal dining room into a more open, but not completely open, space. Gulp.

If you have advice for me regarding baby products, either lifesavers or duds, please let me know in the comments.


I got the following items from our yard sale site or from friends.

Changing table
Crib mattress
Bouncy seat
Bumbo seat
Inflatable bathtub insert
play mat
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat (from a friend, no accidents)
Britax Advocate Convertible car seat (from a friend, no accidents)


Crib, here's the one I'd like to buy because the baby's room will be gray and yellow (Margaret has the decor under control :))
Breast pump and bottles
Nose Frida
Nail clippers
Infant bathtub or insert-- Is there a good one for washing baby in the sink or on the counter?
Fisher Price Rock and Play sleeper
Changing pad and cover
Crib sheets
Diaper trash can
Snap and Go Stroller
Boppy pillow
Extra car seat base


What am I missing? Please tell me about: sleep sacks, the DexBaby DayDreamer, swaddles, co-sleepers, The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, baby wash, diaper creams, Moby wraps, Ergos, an infant car seat that swivels for getting in and out of the car...and anything else you can think of!

Is there one product you wish you had known about sooner?

Thanks for your insight!

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Tara said...

I didn't discover this until my second baby and it has become a staple! I'm currently holding my fourth baby as he is all snuggled up in it. So much easier than swaddling! My babies have all slept much longer in this than just when we've swaddled them with a blanket.

Anonymous said...

Baby shusher (Amazon) -testimony from NICU nurse
Dunstan baby language - we didn't hear each cry distinctly but deciphering 4-5 different cries/meanings was phenomenal!
Loved happiest baby on the block. Techniques worked!

ashley said...

I think you've assembled a great list so far. I would definitely get the "Happiest Baby" DVD and follow the "four S" (or is it 5 -- can't remember?) method. Also, I could not live without the Miracle Blankets. Buy at least 3. You wrap the baby very tightly -- they almost look like a little burrito -- but they love it. You also mentioned the Nose Frida -- it didn't exist with my first but came along with my second -- lifesaver. I also recommend lots and lots of washcloths, plain cloth diapers to use as burp cloths, and sweet hooded towels (preferably the cute ones with the animal heads). Also, this was not around for me, but many of my "new mom" friends love the Momaroo. It's some sort of pricey sway/swing thing. You could probably find one used on the garage sale site. Finally, I cannot recommend the Bob jogging stroller highly enough (with the car seat attachment). My husband still runs with the four year old in it, and my seven year old hops on the end when she gets tired. Tim seems to be a runner -- this is a $400 investment that will give you tons of alone time in the future. I encourage LONG runs... Anyway, that's all I can think of now, but if I think of other stuff, I'll chime in. **Oh, one more thing, I would consider the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair with the infant attachment. We use Stokke's starting when our kids were toddlers, but if I had to do it over, I would have bought the infant attachment. My seven year old still sits in hers, and they pull right up to the table. They adjust as the kids grow and support up to about 140 lbs.

~Ashley in Austin

Anonymous said...

Your insurance should buy your breast pump!

Laura said...

As I nurse my 4 month old to sleep, let's see what I can type one-handed.

First, Google Lucie's List. This is your starting point.

Consider MyBreastFruend nursing support pillow instead of a boppy.

Careful of the Bumbo - should have a buckle at least, but also they've turned out not to be great for babies' sitting skills after all.

For baby carriers, find your local Babywearing International (BWI) chapter on the web or facebook. If you can make it to a meeting, they can help you try various carriers based on your preferences, priorities, and body type.

I might be back when I can use more than one thumb.

Anonymous said...

Don't use the bumbo! bad for their back. Just wait until they can sit unsupported.

Anonymous said...

Aden & Anais Easy Swaddle
Puj tub for in sink baths!!
White noise maker

Juli Schuster said...

Both of my grandsons spent the first six months of their lives in the Rock and Play Sleeper and grandson #2, who was very colicky for the first few months, LOVED the Miracle Blanket. Both of these products were sanity savers for my daughter and her husband :) Good luck!!

Lisa R said...

Hey there. First time commenting but I live in DC so I think we're nearly neighbors. I first heard about your blog on Lisa Jo Baker's. I have three miracle blankets I'm about to get rid of (and maybe a Woombie too?) Have to check. I'd be happy to mail them to you. Just send me your address. My email is Let me know!

Barbara said...

Lansinoh ointment! If you're nursing. Dear god. It was like the light shined down from heaven when the nurse handed me a tube of that stuff. My middle child who WOULD. NOT. SLEEP. FOR. MONEY. finally chilled out when we bought a white noise machine at the 3 month mark. Not a baby one, just a regular Dohm brand white noise machine. And yes yes yes to the comment about the swaddling blankets, although things change so fast, do they still recommend swaddling? Who knows. My youngest is 4, we still swaddled with her, and it worked great for everyone but the aforementioned non-sleeping wonder. The sell nice ones at target that are actually big enough( aden + anais? Is that the brand? The muslin ones). My four year old STILL carries hers around as a lovey, apparently they last forever. Oh my, so much to try to remember!!! You will have a blast. Yay!!!

Meredith Brim said...

Check with your insurer about the breast pump-- mine bought me one and sent a lot of storage bags. Then, coordinate bottles with what fits. Boppy pillows area a dime a dozen on a mom trading group or at TJMaxx. My daughter lived in a vibrating bouncy seat-- we didn't use a rock and play because we didn't have one. Transferred to her crib when I went back to work. One "new "thing to stash away -- a NoseFrida. You hope baby doesn't get a cold, but if he does this is the best thing for clearing out his nasal passages so he can sleep until he's big enough to blow his nose.

Chi said...

I'm a stay at home mother to a 4 year old daughter and 1 month old son. Here is my personal experience and recommendations:

Swaddles: I love the SwaddleMe and Halo sleepsacks. Velcro is your friend for securing those willful baby arms! I loved the SwaddleMes more for 0-3 month olds and Halo for larger babies.

The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD:
I have two copies. May I send one to you? It has great tips for soothing fussy babies based on medical science. The book was really fascinating, and the movie cuts to the chase to show the techniques.

Baby wash:
My personal favorite brand is California Baby. Great for sensitive skin and quality ingredients. You can get it online or at Target. After the news articles about Johnson & Johnson's tear free formula in the states containing ingredients banned in Europe for potential ties to cancer, I avoid that brand.

Moby wrap Ergo:
We have both!
The Moby is ideal for newborns and small infants. My husband loves to wear it. Since you custom wrap it around your body each time, you get a perfect fit. So 5 ft me and 6 ft husband can use the same carrier without a fuss. Cons: when your breasts are sensitive, I find the Moby puts too much pressure on them. Also, I have to remove it entirely when I nurse. That's not the case for all moms. I know some who nurse while wearing it. For me, I leak and spray too much. Some people complain it's difficult to put on, but both my husband and I got the hang of it easily after watching the YouTube video.

Ergo: love, love, love! Especially when baby starts to outgrow the Moby, as wearing baby or toddler (I even wore my then 3 year old in it) on my back gave me so much freedom. I could cook, clean, grocery shop, and even mow the lawn with ease. My daughter would easily fall asleep in it. The infant insert allows small babies to be worn, too, but it's bulky and not my preferred way to manage a newborn compared to the Moby. However, it is a lot easier to take on and off, to partially remove for easy nursing access, and it doesn’t apply painful pressure to my engorged breasts, so sometimes I choose that with my newborn -- especially if I need to multitask with my 4 year old. Con: it's more complicated to adjust back and forth for different people. As my husband is a foot taller than me, we ended up getting an Ergo just for him, so we could easily and quickly wear our firstborn. We painted an entire house interior and only managed it by wearing our then 1.5 year old on our backs the whole time via the Ergo.

Chi said...

As for car seats… my daughter hated all seats and screamed bloody murder for the duration of all car rides until she turned two. She wouldn't even fall asleep in them as a newborn. So, don't get too interested in carseat systems. Your child might hate the seat. Also, pediatric guidelines state not to have babies in the car seat for longer than an hour at a time. The position of them does restrict baby's breathing, so the less time in them, the better. We used our stroller all the time (bugaboo bee, love it), and never any carseat travel systems.

Other Must-haves:
Baby swing! In particular, this one: Zen Fisher Price Cradle Swing ( I can't say enough good things about this. We bought two -- one for downstairs and one for upstairs. Often, babies won't sleep without constant rocking and/or being at an incline to aid digestion/gas. Sometimes this swing is the only way my babies (and by correlation us parents) managed any sleep. The removable craddle is so awesome. Often I could move my child to room to room with me while he or she was sleeping (or simply needed to see mama) so I could load laundry, shower, or prep a meal and have them very close.

Sound machine: First Years Sounds for Sleep Really worked wonders when baby got fussy. Crank up the volume and their are lots of sounds that mimic the womb and mother's heartbeat. We even got a second one, because my 4 year old still uses hers for the lullabies and white noise at night.

Chi said...

We also have the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair with the infant attachment. It is stylist (comes in various colors and wood stains) and functional, grows with your child. We also love the Fisher Price Healthy Care delux booster seat. It's cheaper, smaller, easier to clean and you can travel with it. It also adjusts and grows with your child, just not into adulthood or look nearly as nice. The stokke looks like real furniture you want to keep forever vs obvious baby gear.

Chi said...

If nursing, my favorite nursing cover is by bebe au lait. often have them on clearance. You can get the standard cotton or lighter weight muslin (great in summer). I bought an extra one this time around because I like keeping one in the diaper bag and on downstairs at home for use when company is over. Neither of my babies are discreet nursers (constantly distracted and they pull on and often with my firehose letdown), and I'm shy, so they are lifesavers for me.

In that vein, see if stitch fix has nursing attire. I love some of my soft, stylish, and versatile maternity/nursing clothes. Since both of my babies were born in winter/late fall, it helped me stay comfy and warm when nursing. I especially love having a few nursing dresses for church. "Milk" clothing line is one of my favorites.

Kerry said...

The one baby product I couldn't live without was the Ergo. It comes w/an infant insert so you can start using it immediately, and we used it through age 3 w/our kids. It's easy to put on (unlike the maya wrap, which I found very challenging!) and you can wear it on your front or back (when baby is a little bigger). My husband loved it too. It distributes most of the baby's weight on your hips, instead of your back or shoulders. Highly recommend.

Jocelyn said...

If you're going to be breastfeeding, a co-sleeper is a fantastic idea. This one is great (and what an adorable product name!)

Also, "babywearing" can be a LIFESAVER, especially if you start from the beginning. Babies want to be all snuggled close to you, it helps sooo much with fussiness, plus it makes it a million times easier to get anything done or go places. I use some type of wrap/carrier literally every day, and almost EVERY time I'm in public at least one person comes up and says "oh I wish we had those back when my kids were little!" ;P I had no idea it was such a "thing" or that there were sooo many options beyond the moby and ergo. I found the moby too cumbersome and hot, and since its stretchy it's not very supportive for too long. I finally got a ring sling and have loved it... You can find them in all different fabrics and colors and price points. I also use a lillebaby, which is similar to an ergo but I like it better and doesn't require an infant insert. Anyway, I would really recommend searching for a local babywearing group, and they will be able to help you! Most have a lending library so you can try out different types of wraps and carriers so you can decide what will work best for you and they can also help you navigate the swap/buy sell trade pages to find what you are looking for!

Congratulations and good luck!! :)

Deanna said...

Insurance does not buy your breast pump! Too funny. I can not get them to pay for Lyme disease treatment,
Anyway lost my happy moment there...
As a Mom for the third time at 40 who got rid of everything at 36, you need a swing. A soft swing that moves both directions with a switch of a button. I also used a simple cloth swag to carry him in around the house that went over my shoulder, can not remember the brand now.
In my opinion, get a new mattress, not from a yard sale that you know does not have chemicals in it. It was my splurge item.
Ps so happy for you

Anonymous said...

The Happpiest baby on the Block playlist on iTunes was a lifesaver for me! It was particularly helpful in the car. I'd definitely recommend trying on a no you, ergo, etc for both you and your husband. I loved my Moby, then the Ergo, but my husband didn't find either one comfortable and we wound up borrowing a Bjorn for him. 😀

Eileen said...

Target has started their semi-annual baby clearance, they literally put almost the entire baby department on clearance. When I was there a few days ago,they had bouncers,boppy pillows and covers marked down and were starting to mark down feeding supplies and clothes. If you are making a baby registry, target has an adorable baby gift with samples/coupons at guest services for everyone who makes a registry. On another note, we love our ergo carrier and Halo cotton sleep sacks. We had spring/summer babies and the cotton sleepsacks with a cotton long sleeve onesie was perfect for warm nights. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Th Happiest Baby on the Block playlist on iTunes was a lifesaver! It was especially helpful in the car. I'd definitely recommend both you and your husband trying on a Moby wrap, Ergo, and Bjorn. I loved the Moby and Ergo, but we wound up borrowing a Bjorn for my husband. I also loved having a jogging stroller, the BOB was pricey, but worth it, I wish we had just gotten the car seat adaptor and skipped the snap and go. There are a lot of yard sale sites on Facebook and varage in the NoVa area. Good luck!

Amanda said...

There are 15 years between my children, my youngest is now 6 months old, and this time around I found it a lifesaver to have a carrier for my baby. We have both the Moby and the ergo carrier. There are lots of different brands out there, but I would highly recommend you get one. It's nice especially in the early days to have a your little one close and your hands free! Some you can even nurse in which is great for the round the clock nursing they do in the first few weeks.

Jen said...

Try the Puj baby tub for the sink. I loved it! I'm short so washing babies in the tub was always a pain. Good luck!!

Joan said...

I agree with above, insurance should cover your breast pump! Also, not to distress you, but I think the DexBaby Daydreamer or any type of positioner like that is actually a suffocation risk- instead, you can buy a wedge (like this: Dex Safe Lift Universal Crib Wedge that goes under the mattress to create an incline if your baby has reflux. I know most people have no problem, but I thought you should be aware!

As for Happiest a baby on the Block, it has GREAT advice- I didn't have the DVD, but I read the book- you can check it out at the library! Swaddle, Side (position), Shush, Sway, Suck (pacifier)! As far as swaddles, the muslin baby blankets (like this: Muslin Swaddle Blanket - 3 Pack, Unisex - Ziggy Baby 48 x 48 Large Muslin Blanket for Boys & Girls in Chevron, Cross & Arrow Patterns - 100% Muslin Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle Wrap - Best Baby Shower Gift are a good place to start, since some babies don't like to be swaddled- they also make great like blankets, car seat covers and nursing covers, so no harm no foul! If he DOES like being swaddled, the sleep sacks, Woombies, etc are all great.

I also found that a white noise machine (like this: HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, Silver has been very helpful- it drowns out any noise from those that don't go to bed at 7 ;-). And I got some blackout drapes from Target (I think the brand is Eclipse) from their clearance that I clipped up to his blinds- they aren't beautiful but they do the trick and help a LOT when we go on vacation- you could always sew prettier fabric over top ;-)

Chi said...

Depending on your insurance, it might pay for your breast pump even before baby is born. Ours did. For others, you may need a prescription from your doctor to get it covered.

Janay said...

Congrats! I love reading your blog posts. I just had a baby 5 months ago and these are my suggestions. First bath flower
Now that my Jack (my son is also named Jack, great name!) has grown out of sink baths I use it as a back rest in my bath! :)
I have a almost brand new sleep sack from pottery barn I would love to give you since he has grown out of it. If you give me an address I'll put it in the mail.
Also I wasn't able to breast feed so we bought to baby brezza bottle maker. That thing is amazing.
Love this:
Love Dr. Brown bottles
This baby probiotic:
And I believe your insurance is required to buy you a breast pump. Give them a call to find out what you need to do.

Anonymous said...

I know you're a thrifter so here's a tip from a fellow frugal friend, our area had baby/kids Facebook Buy Sell Trade pages. They are closed groups that you have to ask to join but I have bought $60 play mats for $10, Bumbo seat with tray, $01, etc. You might check it out. Warning, it can be addicting.

Mary said...

Ok, I am 15 years past all this, BUT, this was a life saver! For travel, for stores, it was the best thing I ever bought:, the only negative, he abosolutely refused to hold his bottle.

When I had enough, and I made him hold the bottle, he threw it across the room. Made giving up the bottle a breeze. Best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a new product but I loved the "my Brest friend" nursing pillow much more than the competition. Great name, I know.

Unknown said...

I also suggest noise machines and blackout curtains! Best investment for good sleep! :) I have three boys (now 4, 3, and 1) ... each of them has blackout curtains and noise machines in each room. They all still nap up to 2.5 hours + sleep 12 hour nights! A cozy, dark,cool room with white noise for all of them has been a GIFT for the entire family!! :) Not to mention a consistent sleep schedule, but you won't have to worry about that till he's 6 months old! Sending prayers for your new little blessing. Beth (your Falls Church City neighbor)

Laura said...

Seconding the Dohm white noise machine. Don't even bother with the others.

Unknown said...

This is coming from the former hippie in me. I can't help but feel that less is more. Your baby will be blessed by your attention and love. Here's advice direct from my sainted Mom - she said this to me the a lot during my growing up years- LOVE is the key to raising well adjusted, healthy growing children. She also was really big on hugs and quality time. You already have all of these (love, hugs and quality time for baby) in spades!

All the rest is probably fun to try out if it's not expensive or better yet free.

I think about you every day - I can't express how happy and excited I am for you! LOVE YOU! Janine

Anonymous said...

I hated my boppy and bumbo. I just used a regular pillow to nurse. We love halo sleep sacks, the one with swaddling arms are the most versatile. I loved everything Aden and Anais because I can use them for everything - nursing cover, light blanket or car seat cover for sun, etc. I never use them to actually swaddle though go figure. We also have their crib sheets, lovey, bibs and burpy bibs and loved them all. If you are nursing don't forget to get some v neck or other nursing friendly shirts for you. I really like the medela cool gel pads if you are having pain in the early weeks. I wouldn't stress about too much, you need less than you think and each kid is so different. Some stuff I couldn't live without for my first and now this baby I never use. I would get a pacifier just in case even if you don't want to give it right away. No one wants to make a 2am store run because you are desperate to try anything and can't find a pacifier! :). You will be great, enjoy!!!

hughesfamily said...

I've never commented before, but I follow your blog and love it!

First, you will be fine! You are obviously an awesome mama, and this baby will be loved. The good thing is that babies don't get to visit Babies R Us before they are born, so they don't even know if they are missing out on anything. And sometimes too much stuff is stressful and overwhelming. But, still... It is nice to be prepared as well!

I agree with most of the comments above. I have 3 kids (ages 9 months, 2, 6). My number one recommendation would be the woombie swaddler. I could never figure out the miracle blanket and I was so tired at 2 am that I sure didn't need anything that required more than one step. And the Velcro swaddles were never tight enough, because my oldest would bust out. With the next two, I used the woombie and they were amazing! I have 4 (2 are pink, but 2 are green/blue) and would be happy to mail them to you! They changed my life! (

Also, I second the Moby wrap and Ergo for sure! I had a Bjorn with my oldest but prefer the Ergo. And I had to watch a few YouTube videos on the Moby. I was pretty intimidated, but I am glad I invested the time (maybe 10 minutes tops) to figure it out, because I looove it. And it is versatile with all ages. My son is still using both or i would give you those as well!

I had a rock n play with my 3rd and I think it's worth the investment as well. All 3 of mine also loved the swing (I had to get them to sleep by nursing or walking around before I put them in sometimes). I had a clearance $34 swing from target and it was great.

Yes to sound machine, too!
My oldest two refused bottles for MONTHS, so I would try and give the baby a bottle within the first 2 weeks or so.

Having a newborn is going to be wonderful and exciting and exhausting and terrifying. It will be absolutely perfect! And if you ever have any baby questions, you have this whole group of followers who will want to help!

hughesfamily said...

Ah! Sorry- I wanted to add the link for this baby bath sponge thing, but my phone (and/or brain) is not working right now, so I will just tell you the name of it. I got mine on Amazon:

Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad, Blue Fish.

It's great. I also love the Fisher Price blue whale tub. My 9 month old still uses it, because it transitions easily from a newborn tub to a baby tub.

Also--- blackout curtains! Yes! Target and Walmart have them.

I am sure you are overloaded with comments, so I will stop.

So exciting!

Kathy Sigmon said...

Car seats have an expiration date that you should check on even if it has not been in an accident. Something to do with aging of the plastics and not holding up to the stress of an accident. I found out about this as a grandparent thinking about keeping the infant seat of the first grandchild for the second grandchild.

Anonymous said...

I had the same crib and it worked well until my little one was nearly five! Love it in yellow- so cheery! Happy for you and your family!

Chi said...

Oh, and we own the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. We've used it less than 5 times. Since it doesn't rock on it's own, it's like having a bulky less functioning baby swing that's slightly easier to transport. As stated above, I found it much better to get the Zen Cradle swing. We never had a bouncer as the removable Cradle (which has an adjustable angle) worked as one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, breast pumps are for sure covered. Ask your doctor for a prescription if they won't give you one without it.

Barbara ( again) said...

Baby crib sheet saver! Forgot about that. So when he urps the moment you put him down ( after obstinately refusing to burp) you don't end up having to change the whole sheet ( at 3 AM, 'natch). Also, breast pads. Nothing like that cold chilly drip down the inside of your shirt to remind you that you took too long at the grocery store:)

Amy said...

You probably know this but wanted to be sure--with hand me down car seats you also have to check expiration dates. It should be printed on the back of the seat somewhere. (Sometimes they print the manufacture date, and you have to check the website to see how long the life of the seat is.)

Lori6NV said...

I couldn't stand the Moby, I found it so difficult to use - all that wrapping and tying, especially when you're sleep deprived, I thought it was a big waste. I'd get a nice Ergo instead. We lived the Summer Infant Swaddle Wraps. Easy Peasy, and Velcro so they don't come undone. Halo sleep sacks when they get bigger. My favorite thing and best investment was my UppaBaby Vista Stroller. Has a bassinet and seat, and you can also separately get an adapter for most car seats and use it as a Snap-n-go.

Angelica said...

First time commenting! Great list and lots of good input in the comments. I just wanted to add my favourite newish product has been the BabyBeaba baby food cooker. I got by with a steamer and blender with my first, but this thing does it all in one SO easy no guesswork. It's been a game changer in terms of making food for baby. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone! Best of luck with this new little one. So excited to follow along with your adventure :)

Bleubird Mama said...

Hi Anna, I sent you my list personally, because it was too long to post!!! But I really like the stuff I've found for Baby E. so I wanted to share it with you :) BPA Free pacifier, infinity nursing scarf, moses basket and rocker, ring sling carrier, swaddle wraps, humidifier and more!

Unknown said...

We spent a little more and bought furniture that converted. Our crib converted to a toddler bed AND a full size bed. Our changing table is also a desk - no conversation needed. It will suit our kids til they move out. The brand is Natart.

Unknown said...

We have furniture that converts to last through every stage. The crib converted to a toddler bed and a full sized bed. The changing table is also a desk that they now do homework on. It cost a little more up front but has served us well. It worked so well we bought a second set when we had our second child. The brand is Natart & it's held up great.

Unknown said...

My granddaughter loves the white noise. We just use a free app on the ipod. She's been sleeping 12 hrs since she was about 6 months (15 months now). New babies are so exciting. So happy for you!!!

Rosemary said...

The best swaddle - The Miracle Blanket - babies can't get out!
Best diaper cream - Triple Paste - amazing stuff!
Rather than a boppy (if you're using it for breastfeeding), a My Breast Friend - MUCH better than boppy.

Yay!!!! I'm excited for you.

Rosemary said...

oh I saw others comments about the woombie, which wasn't around when I had my babies. I think it looks better than the miracle blanket!

I stand by Triple Paste and My Brest Friend though. :)

Rosemary said...

I should have put this in one comment - once my boys were out of the Miracle Blanket, we put them in sleep sacks - you don't have to worry that his blanket has fallen off. Lightweight ones for summer and heavier for winter. They are great.

Also, as to feeding solid foods, you might look up "baby led weaning" which is another way of saying "baby led eating." With my second boy we didn't bother with baby food at all - he just ate what we ate but in smaller pieces. It was so much easier than feeding the baby with a spoon. Just check it out, even if you stick with baby food you'll gain some insight I think.

Oh do you know about Askmoxie? If not, google her. She has some posts on baby led weaning I think. her kids are older now, and she doesn't post much, but all her archives are still there.

Camille said...

Oh my word. I am overwhelmed on your behalf.

I would recommend Colic Calm if you need it. Lord willing, you won't!

I would also recommend baby wearing (I didn't but wish I had), but it looks like people have covered that.

We have the arm's reach co-sleeper bassinet. I think it's a good compromise between co-sleeping (if that's not your thing) and a crib in the beginning.

I also needed AdvoCare's Spark to survive the sleepless nights. Helped me so much more than coffee, believe it or not! I can send you a free sample if you like. (I don't know how these blogs work, but I can message you on FB.) But that's not why I posted. :)

Hope you are having fun with all of the baby gear!

Annie said...

I want to second the commenter above who mentioned the "My Brest Friend" breastfeeding pillow. It's so, so much easier to use than the Boppy - it's like a soft little platform for your feeding baby. We also love the Aden and Anais sleep sacks to keep baby warm, but not too warm (it's hot where we live). My favorite baby wash is Honest Company brand. And FYI, Honest Company makes the most bubbly bubble bath on the market. Congrats on your new adventure!

Rachel said...

Currently have a 4-month old who had colic

Must Haves:

Amazon Prime (if you don't already): super useful for when you/loved ones can't get out of the house to pick up supplies (also great source for reading reviews for so many baby-related items)

Nursing: My Breast Friend (I cried tears of relief when my sister brought one over- the baby just uselessly sinks into the Boppy, the Breast Friend snaps around you and holds the baby up closer to your breasts-- lifesaver for when your back, arms, wrists, etc. hurt, plus you can stand up with it and just hold the baby on top to change diaper and then sit back down without having to re-position); Medela and/or Lansinoh breast soothing gel pads (for that awful nipple pain those first few weeks, and take them with you in your hospital bag because not all hospitals/lactation consultants will give them to you); Nursing bras and tanks (Target has a good selection)

Self-Care: if there's a possibility you will have a vaginal delivery, go ahead and get two products-- Earth Mama/Angel Baby "Mama Bottom Balm" and "New Mama Bottom Spray" (Amazon, top sellers) or something similar (I had a 4th-degree tear and these two products saved me, I used the balm after showers and the spray after every bathroom use, absolutely helped me recover more quickly than I was before I found out about them)

Baby Gear: FP Rock N Play (SO useful if you have a colicky baby- no, it doesn't rock without your help, but the vibration is so helpful and baby can nap in it--but shouldn't sleep in it overnight); swing (we love our Graco swing from Amazon because it swings, vibrates and plays music, and we used it differently than the Rock N Play-- both so useful)

Safety: Levana Oma+ Diaper Monitor (worth every penny, clips onto baby's diaper and an alarm sounds if the baby stops breathing after 15 seconds or so, allows you to sleep easier knowing baby is breathing if you can't tell in video monitor); video monitor (just pay the extra money and get one, so useful and new ones have all sorts of awesome features that will make your life easier!)

Bathing at Sink/Counter: echo earlier suggestion for LeachCo Sponge (Amazon)-- we used that down in the sink and used an even cheaper yellow bath sponge (Amazon) on the counter for laying baby on towel after sink bath (now that the baby is an infant instead of newborn, we use a Tummy Tub down in the sink and love it-- he's happy as a clam to sit down in water unlike other baby tubs)

Good luck! All of the baby stuff procuring is a lot of work, so you're smart to get started asap.

Anonymous said...

I love the Honest company diapers! They are the BEST! A little bit more money but worth it and they are shipped to your doorstep! Congratulations !!

Anonymous said...

I love the Honest company diapers! They are the BEST! A little bit more money but worth it and they are shipped to your doorstep! Congratulations !!

AsheleyR said...

First, congrats on the baby! I have a 5 year old and almost 2 year old and so much changed (improved) even during the three years between them. The biggest difference is that the second time around I used a book all my friends had raved about called Moms on Call. It was written by two Atlanta-based nurses and is very straightforward and clear, instilling confidence in new (or new again!) moms. Though definitely a new parent handbook (with sample schedules!) the authors believe firmly in God and His plan, which I thought might appeal to you. Here's the link:

I also recommend:
- Snap & Go
- Halo Sleep Sacks (start with a swaddling one, then just regular ones)
- Body bath sponge (Babies R Us has a frog-shaped one) for countertop baths or for just lying flat in the tub.
- For the carseat - little terry cloth covers for the straps that help the baby feel snug. After a few weeks/months, a little toy bar that stretches across the handles of the carseat and acts as a toy for baby. Babies R Us has both of these.
- No Bumbo. They've fallen out of favor. :-(

Emily m said...

Hi Anna. Would like to echo some of the previous responses. Miracle swaddle blanket for sure, rock n play, and ergo carrier are my must haves! Also don't spend too much $ on anything brand new Bc we all know babies outgrow all these things so quickly! And after 4 kids I can tell you that carters zip up fleece sleepers are the only Jammies to go with!

Unknown said...

My youngest is 9 but she adored the Ergo, and I wish I had used more often with her. We also loved the Peg Perego P3 stroller so much I had one when my son was a baby and again 5 years later when my daughter came along. Nothing nicer than a stroller that can take a beating on cobblestones and multiple trips on international flights and keep right on going (and lets baby lie flat too!)
We were also huge fans of the Britax carseats from the Marathon rear/front facing all the way through the convertible seatbelt booster. So easy to use and install!

Chi said...

Second the "New Mama Bottom Spray"! It is awesome. I used it after both my babies.

If you're a worry wort like me, I also love the monitors that detect beneathing. It gives me extra piece of mind. We have the Angel Care monitor with sensor pad for the crib. I tried one of the ones that attach to baby's diaper, but it kept going off and getting in the way while nursing. As I nurse with baby partly swaddled, it was more hassle than I wanted to take it on and off all the time.

Anonymous said...

Aden and Anais Easy Swaddles are the best. They have snaps rather than velcro, you'd be surprised how loud velcro is when you are trying not to wake a baby.
Medela Pump in Style breast pump
Hands free pumping bra
White noise machine and app for phone to use while bouncing around house
Amazon Mom for diapers, so convenient and best prices
Brest Friend is better than Boppy

Anonymous said...

Maybe yours didn't but mine did and seems like others here too, all insurances are different.

Anonymous said...

Snuza Hero
Bottle warmer
stationary jumper

Unknown said...

Mine did too! I think they are all required to in the U.S. now.

Unknown said...

Depending on your house setup:
-Pack and play:nice to have an extra bassinet/changing table/playpen if you have different levels
-Baby carrier of some kind I loved the K'tan, inexpensive, easy, snuggly:)
-Baby monitor (again depending on your house set up). I like a video monitor so I can see what my now toddler is doing!
-good old fashioned baby diapers for burp clothes
-I read the book "happiest baby on the block". Either that or the dvd might be nice
-I've heard GREAT things about the "wonder weeks" book
-perscription for a pump:). Will be free from insurance:)
-loved zipping 'sleep & play' type outfits for the first few months:)
-humidifier for babies room (doesn't need to be anything fancy:)
-Vicks vapor rub for babies:)

Julie said...

I second the getting a good mattress, mainly bc it fits the toddler bed as well so you will use it for a few years. And yep, blackout curtains! I'm not a morning person either so these saved me..We still use them for my 8 year old and she sleeps in until 11:00 on the weekends. A great tip: double sheeting the crib. Crib sheet, then crib protector pad (not the fitted type), then on top place another crib sheet. Accident in the middle of the night and just take off the top two layers and voila clean crib sheet!

Susan Thomas said...

The new video monitors are really great. No more guessing what is going on in there. Maybe add a high chair. Before you know it you'll need one. Also love baby bjorn products especially the bibs. Now many insurance companies buy the breat pump machine for you and some even replace them when they break.

Susan Thomas said...

The new video monitors are really great. No more guessing what is going on in there. Maybe add a high chair. Before you know it you'll need one. Also love baby bjorn products especially the bibs. Now many insurance companies buy the breat pump machine for you and some even replace them when they break.

Mary Beth said...

Ultimate crib sheet. Oh my gosh, you have to get these. Lots of them. They are pukey, poopy, peeing baby lifesavers. We use them for kiddos to lie down on to apply sunscreen, too. I can't believe no one has suggested this yet! Regular crib sheets are cute and all, and you still get to see them with the ultimate crib sheet, but what's NOT cute is the sweat dripping down your entire body every time you have to change a regular crib sheet. And we all know that babies' internal clocks are set to only allow blowouts during nighttime sleep hours.

and they are on sale at all the time.

Ronda said...

#1 recommendation: QuickZip crib sheets. Total game changer from the old sheets, they make life so much easier.

Anonymous said...

My babies are now 5 and 7 so my memory on baby stuff is fading fast. That said, I'd definitely recommend a swing and an Ergo carrier. It meant that I could actually have my hands free for a bit. Oh, and those onesies for newborns which have the hand covers attached! Good luck navigating all the stuff! Don't worry about figuring it out all ahead of time...Sometimes buying less and then adding as needed works just fine too.

Megan Freeman said...

I have a 4 yr old and a 6 month old, and our little ones seem to always develop eczema after a few months, the best moisturizer to use is CeraVe and Aveeno bath products. Also get a good swing that doesn't require batteries. Our kids love the swing and that has been our life saver and on your fb page I saw people post about Angelcare monitor, we love it and hate it. He will get off to the side of the crib and it will go off and give me such a scare in the middle of the night, I have mastered a 5 second sprint to his room in complete darkness though... so if you get it get the one with two sensor pads. Many prayers for you and your family, you so got this!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) I loved my Moby Wrap. It felt much more secure than the snuggly infant carrier.
2) If I had a baby now, I would definitely by the Owlet Baby monitoring system, to ease my worries about sids (
3) If I could afford it, I would get the MamaRoo ( and not get a swing or bouncy seat.
4) I have the BreathBaby Mesh breathable crib bumper ( . It keeps little arms and legs from getting stuck between the crib slats while also NOT being a suffocation hazard! And, little ones can't stand on it to use as leverage to climb out of the crib, because it collapses when they stand on it.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Check out the Freemie hands free breast pump. Maybe your daughter is cool and mature enough to see pumping happening and not make a big deal about it, but I love how I can pump in relative privacy around my 8 and 5 year old sons. Even at work I would not be mortified if someone walked in on me pumping since everything is concealed. I love it!

Unknown said...

Hi! I live nearby in Reston. I have a moby wrap, a boppy, and a great sink bath insert that are yours if you want them! My daughter is 17 months now and I found many of the things on your list helpful. I think you're on the right track!

Anonymous said...

Please research whether using a used crib mattress is safe. Some time ago, I read that used mattresses are harmful to the baby. Scroll down this article to read:

And, I agree with the others' advice about checking the age of the car seats.

Good luck with your research!

aabloomgren said...

I concur on the PUJ tub for the sink. I loved it and was sad when my nugget grew out of it.

Also, surprisingly, I found a lovely crib on Walmart's website. Super inexpensive and in navy which was hard to come by.

I also strongly suggest the MyBrest friend... it made all the difference for nursing.

I would also look into a clamshell seat in lieu of a high chair when you get to that point. We love ours. takes up zero floor space and the nugget can be at the counter with us.

Elizabeth Baker said...

-Insurance should cover your breast pump!
-Sound machine. I have a four month old and it's been a lifesaver - I wish I had 10 of them! We have one that attaches to her car seat/stroller and one for her room. Especially on car rides, that thing has been a game changer.
-CeraVe and Aveeno bath products.
-Dreft is that expensive baby detergent, and while I love that it makes my babe smell like a little newborn I've noticed that All Free & Clear also gets the job done. My babe has sensitive skin, and I figured I'd be using Dreft forever. Make sure that your washer is set to rinse twice, though.
-Cool mist humidifier for baby's room
-Can't have enough burp cloths or blankets
-Pampers diapers for newborn stage. It could just be my baby, but she leaked out of all the other kinds at that age (Huggies, Honest Co, etc.)

CONGRATULATIONS! I've been reading your blog for awhile, and I'm so very happy for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Crib sheets that zip on and off!! Life saver for middle-of-the-night blowouts;) Lots of stores sell them. Very easy to use, and come in different styles and colors.

Anonymous said...

Swaddle blankets that velcro shut, like a straight jacket ;) and a sound machine! :) Pregnancy is crazy, isn't it? I really did not enjoy mine with my little guy, but once they're here, and you recover from the first few months of pure crazy - it all sort of fades away. You're in for a world of fun - enjoy every moment! I think of you often, Anna, and I'm so happy for the little blessing headed to your family soon!

BethanyR said...

Magic Merlin Sleepsack ... for use when they are about 3 months old. It is a MIRACLE sleep inducer! It's a newer product that is hugely popular with NYC moms :)

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