Friday, April 17, 2015

Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix #3!

My new Fix from Stitch Fix is here!

I was actually wearing the cobalt blue dress from last time when my new box arrived.  Have I told you I wear this at least once a week? It's as comfy as a t-shirt, but it looks so put together and the knit is thick enough to not be too clingy.

 Today I wore it to speak at a luncheon for  Haven a wonderful Grief Support organization in Northern Virginia.

I wasn't sure about this new fix, because spring/summer is my LEAST favorite time of year to dress for. I'm all about jeans/boots/sweaters. Also, I wasn't sure if anything could top my last fix, when I loved and kept all 5 items. Plus, I have gained a few pounds, so although I requested that my stylist send me roomier items, I wasn't sure how that would play out.

Today, things didn't start so well.

My first item was a super soft maxi dress (Fiona Maxi Dress, $78). I've never had a maxi dress, and this was sent  to get me out of my comfort zone. It was in navy/white (my favorite color combo) and had a sweet lace neckline. And as far as roomy-goes, there was a lot of fabric and coverage. Problem was, it was super UN-flattering to my figure. Not THAT terrible from the front.

Total maternity from the side. And there is no sweet baby in there. I do not need anything clinging to my stomach and thighs, thank you very much. NOT A KEEPER.

Teal green t-shirt (Sam hi-lo t-shirt, $44) with drapey fabric. This is a good color for me, and I like how it covers my butt. Margaret likes it, but I think it's nothing special for the price. NOT A KEEPER.

Gray blouse (Meryl Tulip Print, $54)  LOVE THIS! It's expensive, but I love that it looks different from anything else I have, and because tulips are my favorite flowers! I could see myself wearing this all the time.

I like it paired with the stretchy jeggings I got last time from Stitch Fix. I wear these every day and even slept in them on my long trip to/from Armenia. Verdict on tulip top? KEEP.

Soft coral cardigan (Abrianna Longsleeve Cardigan, $48). Comfy and flattering? Yep. Also, I don't have anything in this coral/orange, but I want to try it. KEEP.

Which brings us to the last item: dangly gold earrings (Romana Tiered Charm Earrings, $28). I've been looking for super lightweight gold earrings that won't tug on my lobes. KEEP.

Here's another view with my typical ponytail:

What do you think? I'm glad I told them I gained weight instead of just hoping I'd slim down before my next fix came. This fix was a lot of fun, and I think I will keep 3 items:

Coral Cardigan
Tulip top

If you are interested in trying out being "styled" by a professional stylist, maybe Stitch Fix is for you.  

I wanted to let you know that because Stitch Fix knows I sometimes share my fixes with you here (and I get credit for sales that come from this site!),  I got to give them my feedback this week.  I passed along that readers want fixes in plus sizes. 

A fun, in-home shopping experience should NOT be limited to those under a certain dress size!

 I hope they are listening.


Sandra said...

I also love Stitch Fix! That coral cardigan looks BEAUTIFUL on you.

Unknown said...

Your "keeps" look great! Thanks so much for giving the plus size feedback. I emailed them after your first fix post asking for plus sizes and received a very polite, but "not yet" response. With the terrible and limited selection out there for plus size ladies, we need this the most (in my opinion) :-)

Jenn said...

Adorable items that fit your personality so well. I was SO disappointed with my latest fix which just came yesterday. I'm sending everything back. The things they picked for me were awful - it was as if my stylist didn't even look at any of the detailed feedback I left last time. I was so upset. But I'm so glad you're having fun with it!

Jenny Hart Boren said...

My daughter is going through the process to become a Stitch Fix stylist (fingers crossed--they are very particular!) so I am loving these posts. She also mentioned the limited sizes available...

Denise said...

I just received my second shipment. I used your referral code when I started, so I hope you got a credit! I'm having so much fun! The first box was a well intended bust, but the second was much better! I kept a great pair of jeans, but would have also kept a great jacket if I didn't already own two like it. With a bit more feedback, I'm hoping I hit the jackpot on number 3!
The blue dress is gorgeous on you, and I love the tulip top! Thanks for sharing Stitch Fix, in addition to sharing all of your beautiful writing.

Kathy at kissing the frog said...

I love that you made yourself look pg in the maxi dress. I feel like I look like that in everything these days. I'm too chicken to try Stitch Fix. I have such a weird body. :(

Alison said...

I love the top, so pretty!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I remain oh so too cheap.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for bigger sizes for Stitch Fix!! I tried it too after just having a baby and everything was made for small cute size 8 woman- not a mom who just had a baby- BUT get real!! Thanks for speaking up! (P.S. New mom's who are wearing larger clothing would be GREAT candidates for Stitch Fix. I gave it up though bc it ended up making me feel terrible about myself!)