Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Midweek Musings, In List Form

1. I can not seem to finish a single project these days. Everything I'm working on has one little detail missing. Yet do I finish it before moving to the next thing? Of course not.

2. Irony alert: I am fixing up classic, sturdy, vintage furniture to sell so I can make money to re-do my daughter's room with items made primarily of particle board.

3.When hammering the lid on a can of primer, you first might want to move your daughter's brand new comforter and fabric ottoman out of the way.

4. If Joe Kennedy was indeed as driven and ambitious a father as depicted in "The Kennedys" I feel sorry for all of his children.

5. Lo and behold, Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes are 100% believable in the roles of JFK and Jackie. I would not have believed this had I not seen it myself.

6. I do not see how the Kennedys had the time and energy for all of those extramarital affairs. I mean, I know they didn't cable back then, but it just sounds exhausting.

7. Watching a miniseries on Netflix can keep one from completing projects.

8. Speaking of projects, when someone cuts wood for you at Home Depot, be sure to measure it before you take it home. Aargh.

9. While I now admit that the Pump2Fit is a waste of time and money, rolling paint on a ceiling, while tedious, is good for those cafeteria-lady arms.

10. As I picked up some new propane at Home Depot today, I realized I am ever so grateful to be part of a propane cylinder exchange rather than a needle exchange.

What are you musing over today?


Li lia said...

My muse is that my husband will be picking up the last of his stuff this Saturday, (divorce, it is a blessing for me). All these years I complained about his hoarding; he was really stingy and selfish. Now that he is leaving he is complaing that all his stuff will not fit in his new dwelling, and claims that I am giving stuff I don't want. I am . . . Him. :)

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

1. Projects that seem so easy to do online aren't always easy to do in real life. "Just grab a couple of tissue circles and tape them on a lantern!" Yeah but now I'm cutting out 100,000 tissue circles...

2. Why do cats love to jump into photo sessions?

3. I've gotta see The Kennedys soon...

Kristina P. said...

I've been watching The Tudors on Netflix. You think the Kennedy's had a lot of sex? They had nothing on Henry the IIIV.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

So funny, I'm writing a decorating post for tonight, and I've linked you to it because I love your ideas. Mwhahaha!

Feel free to check it out around nine (CDT) to see what I desperately need help with!

Nichole@40daysof said...

I am very concerned about number 3, and number 10 is hilarious. Only you could come up with that one! :)

Debbie said...

I just finished staining kitchen cabinets. Now I have an outside deck to paint. I can't blame Netflix for my procrastination on that one so I'll blame the 100 plus heat index.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your list--it made me smile. I hadn't even heard of this movie about the Kennedys. May have to check it out.

Pearl said...

Me? I'm just wondering how Minneapolis can POSSIBLY have an enormous storm roll through EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.

Funny post!