Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Shadow

Dear Shadow,

I want to thank you for peeing on my new off-white shag area rug. The way your urea sailed right through it within a matter of seconds, hitting the new hardwood floor like a tsunami and buckling the edges of the boards, just shows what incredible peeing intensity you possess.

More remarkable still was the fact that you squatted within feet of me here on my computer and opened the floodgates. Other dogs might have indicated a need to go outside, perhaps by a whine, a bark, or even by standing next to the door. That’s simply not your style.

Thanks, girl. You’re a real bitch.

Not Love,



Christy said...

I feel your pain! Maybe she's getting you back for posting a pic of her in slippers? Even though I think she looks adorable, maybe she feels otherwise?

Stimey said...

That is just flat out inconsiderate.

Dreamybee said...

Oh that sucks! For what it's worth, we've had a lot of luck with the products from Planet Urine. I don't think it will un-warp your floorboards, but it will definitely get all the urine out.

Unknown said...

I love this, not the fact that your area rug or new hardwood were peed on, but the fact of writing Shadow a letter, that last line really got me cracking!

again, love it!