Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh Anna, Where Art Thou?

Today I am honored to be guest posting over at my friend Kate's site, The Big Piece of Cake. Please go over there and check out my post so Kate won't think she made a mistake inviting me.

Thanks a bunch!


Debbie said...

I will head over. When I have guest posted, I have been so darn nervous and have checked the site 20 times a day to see if anyone was commenting!

Heidi said...

Great post!! I commented there. I adore Kate's blog.

Thanks for coming my way today by the way. :)

Jbhat said...

That was a fantastic post, and I commented at Cake as well. But give me a look great! There is no way you could be mistaken for your husband's mother. You absolutely do not have Barbara Bush syndrome.