Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordy Wednesday and How Blogging Messes With My Mind

The kids are away at camp all week. Although you might think that Tom and I have been walking around the house naked and I've been painting, gluing, and staple-gunning everything in sight (Tom excluded), my week has turned out differently than expected.

For one, Tom and I didn't coordinate our "free week" very well, so it meant he spent part of it in NYC and had obligations some of the other nights. We tried to go to a movie or a play, but there's nothing out that we want to see. Good news? We've started watching "Friday Night Lights" from the first episode and are hooked. It's so nice to be able to start a show before 10 pm!

And the painting projects?

Waah!!!!!!!! I have a new curbside find called a Pier Chest, which is going to knock our socks off (I hope), but I can't finish painting it because it's almost 100 degrees in the the carport. The paint ain't sticking, people.

I know it's pretty lame to feel sorry for myself about the heat when my kids are sleeping on plastic mattresses and nylon sleeping bags in un-airconditioned cabins, but they haven't written me a single letter yet, so how would I even know to be sympathetic?

Also, the reality of this week has been that I miss the kids a ton and feel kind of mopey. I know I'll be yelling at them within hours of their return, but for now they are my precious angels who are too darn far away.

I've decided that next summer, I will plan my free week better to take FULL advantage of it (cool weather, lunch dates with friends, and ample nudity).

Now for the "blogging messes with your mind" part of the post:

I don't know if this happens to you, but I find myself thinking about blogging quite often-- even in my sleep. In the midst of a crazy dream, for instance, I'll think, "I need to tell my blog friends about what just happened!"

When I wake up and realize it was all a dream, I feel disappointed. That's why you haven't heard about the time I tried to use a Chinese urinal, or the time I peed in front of Richard Gere and J. Lo at an upside-down nightclub. Am I the only one who is surprised I don't ever wet the bed?

I also think about blogging a lot during the day.

Today, for instance, I had 2 things I wanted to take pictures of and share with you, but I just couldn't do it.

One was in an "antique store"--and I'm using that name liberally-- where everything was piled together willy nilly. I was DYING to take a picture OF A PICTURE in a little silver frame. The subject? 2 middle aged people cavorting in a hot tub. We'll call them Tawny and Big Ron. Gross. Gross. Gross. Could they not have removed the photo???? Alas, no picture for you, as the "antique store" proprietress was watching me the whole time. She offered me 30% off, but I didn't bite.

The other thing I wanted to photograph was my dear next door neighbor's house. They are moving on very short notice and I am giving her my somewhat-solicited advice on staging the house.

Let me tell you, I'm putting the TOUGH in Tough Love. I wanted to take before and after pictures for you, since a lot of you are into houses like I am, but I didn't want to put any more pressure on her than she already feels.

Her husband is out of town, her daughter got her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, they have to drive 20 hours to drop off their 4 pets halfway across the country, and the house goes on the market in 5 days! Needless to say, my friend is up to her ears in packing and probably would not have appreciated being a "before" picture, you know?

It has, however, piqued my interest in staging, and I'm toying with the idea of learning more about it. I'd love to get advice from any of you who have tried staging as a career. Thanks!

Well, I've got to go, Tom gets home from his softball game in 20 minutes and "Friday Night Lights" is calling my name!


Ellen aka Ellie said...

The store owner obviously had you pegged as a shoplifter.

Susie - Walking Butterfly said...

Anna, I'm afraid you had me at the second sentence, or you lost me there. I don't know which.......

"Although you might think that Tom and I have been walking around the house naked and I've been painting, gluing, and staple-gunning everything in sight"........

Naked and gluing and stapling everything in sight just kinda messed me up, I'm afraid!! LOL!!

Angela said...

I totally think about blogging throughout the day too. Lots of times I'll be working on a project or running errands and I'll think, "...that would make a good blog post." I feel I should start carrying a notebook to keep all my thoughts straight!

Heidi said...

We are huge, huge fans of Friday Night Lights!! I'm so glad you're hooked. It's such a good show.

I kinda want to see that 'cavorting' picture....

katie said...

"Friday Night Lights".....waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
My heart is aching for this almost as bad as when I lost "Lost"!!!

And yes, I too dream and think constantly about blogging so you're NOT alone :)

Unknown said...

And I won't tell you about my dream involving Kid Rock, a shower on a street corner, and a phone booth....

anymommy said...

Can't wait to see your new project ... you've inspired me to start to think about painting my own furniture projects.

Anonymous said...

I just finished a big redo project and a "new do" project and I was channeling Anna See all the way. Seriously, every time I spraypainted this and that… I thought, "Anna is going to be so proud of me!!"
Posting the photos soon.
And yes. I think about blogging way too much. What is wrong with me!
I too was interested in a display of nekkid gluing/stapling/painting, but alas. No picture of that either.


REally fantastic blog!!