Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Child's Play

Sorry for the blog silence. I’ve had a busy week being away and then dealing with end of the school year stuff. Just wanted to pop in for a quick shout-out to Blockbuster.

Thanks, Blockbuster, for putting freakazoid movie covers featuring “Chucky”—of “Child’s Play” fame-- near family friendly titles like “Firehouse Dog,” which my family rented while I was away.

You see, I didn’t get quite tired enough helping out at the church retreat. Three nights of sleeping in the church basement on an air mattress didn’t wear me out completely.

I had to come home just in time to surrender prime real estate on my side of the bed because my kids were so terrified by the scissor wielding psycho doll you so kindly introduced them to.

In Your Debt,

Anna See

p.s. As least my bed is made.


Gretchen said...

Oh, my, that son of yours is a carbon copy of your husband. They look EXACTLY alike!

L said...

They sure are cuties - and what were those Blockbuster people thinking??? I hope when YOU worked at Blockbuster you put a little thought into your shelving!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I remember that from when I was a kid! I was just terrified Freddy Kruger pictures. Horror movies should have their own curtained off area like the porn. My opinion of course.

Chrisy said...

I've had the same experience at Blockbuster! It's practically like trolling through porn to get to the family section. Sometimes the movies they have playing on the monitors are equally inappropriate.

I just read Kate's comment... I agree!

Hope you're feeling better rested. :-)